Monday 24 August 2009

Something terrible is coming home to roost?

If someone stole all your money then you’d be upset.

If someone stole all the work, how would you view that?

If crime and money are intimately linked would you care if all the money got stolen?

Can a crime compound a crime?

If fiat money is legal can stealing it really be criminal?

If your work depended on the crime would you care?

Is there simply no more money and no more work?

Are the great monocultural fauna that is western existence about to have the locusts descend on it now that the blanket of debt pesticide has been stopped?

Is all that is left to do is to work out the master to serf ratio and from that you’ll have the population that remains?

I think Gordon has finally realised that he’s not as clever as he thought and none of this has ever fired off a single neuron between his ears.

Heads up.

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