Tuesday 25 August 2009

Finally worked out that it should have been a craw, but the heifer's still there so one more go!!!!

Been stirring the entrails a bit more and can see several things that will come to pass.

Scotland becomes fully independent.

Britain gives up its nuclear deterrent.

Now all this should give Scotland cause for joy.

However the circumstances that force these changes are disturbing.

If Scotland had been able to achieve independence when Margo MacDonald won Govan then what a different country it would be today. History works differently though.

Now that UK plc is bankrupt all parts of UK are to be released from the Floating City. Scotland can go though its political class is totally discredited and its power structures usurped.

The Floating City does not need any part of the UK anymore.

With the bankrupting of Britain one of the final pains in NWO’s neck the UK independent deterrent is gone, so no more Faslane.

This part of Europe will be Venetian. You will also notice that some of the Floating City’s PONZI powers will be transferred to Europe.

Now the immediate cause of FC losing some of its authority is that UK plc has left Rock’s sphere and returned to Roth’s sphere. That long plan started over 100 years ago to get USofA ensnared has been accomplished and UK plc will be returned back to Europe, though with a distinct Venetian bent.

Now the FC will still find itself schytsophrenic since the nearest neighbours geographically will be part of the North European Community centred in Berlin.

FC’s alignment will be with a Pan Mediterranean New Phoenician Economic Community centred on Haifa. Every pipeline into Europe carrying oil or gas will come through the PMNP zone.

For Scotland the future will be bleak, with no where to emigrate to the new clearances will be tragic. Who’s going to do the clearing? Those with real Monee of course.

Don’t forget after my adventures this morning, I’m new to this entrails game, so I could be wrong. I’ve still got a dead heifer pinned to the back lawn by its ears!!!!

Have a look at this map though, it’s how the Heineken man thought Europe should be split up just before he died a couple of years back..

Heads up.

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