Saturday 22 August 2009

If you find a white feather on your pillow.......

....don't freakout there's only a bird worshipping shaman hiding in your wardrobe.

Caught the shinkansen out of MC1 early Tuesday morning heading north to the end of the line in Hachinohe. Spent a few days tooling around the prefecture but missed the JOMON site near Aomori because our tour guide wanted to show us old JSDF roads leading to places that N Korean agents used to come ashore and from which wheech the locals away to the comforts of Pyong Yang. Sweet. I also found myself having lunch Thursday in a hotel directly above the tunnel taking the trains under the sea to Hokkaido. Rumble rumble.

All this traveling gave me time to ponder. Ponder things like this.

If you need to know why Common Purpose is out to get us, it is suppress freedoms like this. This chap is most definitely not CP.

This encapsulates so many things that are currently being commented on. One of the “canaries in the coal mines” for a free society is the presence of charming humour. We Brits used to have it in spades. When that charm goes you know that the psychoclowns have arrived and are watching everything you say and think. Just look at any recent US comedy output and you’ll see the utter lack of charm, that’s one of the canaries dead then. Remember we are dealing with communal narcissist psychopathy here. That’s what’s killing off our society by design.

Another thing to ponder is the very rarely commented upon fact that TPTB are no longer the champions of freedom as they “generally” have painted themselves for the past 300 or so years. Why is that? Well firstly TPTB believe in nothing but themselves and total oligarchy to be achieved in any societal state that is conducive to their furtherance. That societal state, now, is most likely exotic feudal. That means a repeat of the destruction of knowledge and the sanctifying of the high esoterica that TPTB will use to refine their perfection and retain control.

Expect some form of knowledge restriction to occur, which although not a great library fire like that in Alexandria, will have the same effect. My favourite for that has to be a gated in/out EMP which will take down the “hardened” systems as well. After an event like that just you try getting the herd to listen to you as you explain to them that a massive world wide theft was committed to impoverish those who thought and acted freely and a small part of that crime was 9/11.

Good luck with that then.

The rabid belief systems sponsored at that time will quickly have you marginalized, if not you’ll disappear.

Now that disappearing meme is significant for the herd attention space, HAS, control. If you gunned down 4000 people, using any form of lead pill pharmacy that you pleased, in broad daylight in front of the rest of the herd you would traumatise the HAS so badly your ritualistic narcissistic feed would be damaged, much better to disappear people minimising HAS trauma.

Now what clues can we glean, from what we witness, that is informing my contention here? Well let’s look at what the Mandelbrot set are saying.

(Daily Mail, 21 March 2007)Peter Mandelson, the European Trade Commissioner says “We are now entering the post-democratic age."

David Milligan the Goon, R4.
“Yes, there are circumstances in which it is justifiable, and yes, there are circumstances in which it is effective.”“The importance for me is that the South African example proved something remarkable: it looked like a regime that would last forever, and it was blown down.”“It is hard to argue that, on its own, a political struggle would have delivered. The striking at the heart of a regime’s claim on a monopoly of power, which the ANC’s armed wing represented, was very significant.”

Charles Fatty Trousers Down Clarke

"I don't mind there being some medievalists around for ornamental purposes, but there is no reason for the state to pay for them," Mr Clarke allegedly told a gathering at University College, Worcester in 2003.

To summarise, we’ll keep you ignorant, shoot you if we have to and look forward to NaZoviet oligarchy.

These clowns love China and the ChiComs and are looking to replicate the single child policy here in the West. China is definitely post democratic. It is a slave colony with nuclear weapons. The Mandelbrot set like that sort of thing since it reminds them of their daddies lives back in the slave empires in Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia.

So when you hear these clowns regurgitate their lines like vomiting seabirds onto our TeeVees remember these guys may spew forth soothing mind froth but what they are really saying is “I’ll say anything to get hold of the levers of power, and once I’ve got them anyone who contradicts me gets lead pilled”.

Slaving is their trade, go check the history books, and freedom is their enemy. Always has been always will be.

They’ve turned the USofA which was the last bastion of theoretical freedom given expression, in a fraction of a historical second into a worn out prison. More people are in prison there than anywhere else, why?

Well I put it down to accounting standards.

If you can steal trillions from US DoD, billions from UK MoD, don’t get your EU accounts signed off, generate quadrillions of derivatives, put everything off balance sheet (a la Brown and ENRON), steal everyone’s pension (man are there going to be some fierce stoochies when that penny drops) and generally fuck everyone over. You’ve got to ask how?.

Back to the UK plc pirate ship.

At some point so much treasure was coming on board that the bow gunners started to wonder if the stern gunners were getting too much of the spoils. They just didn’t trust the throat cutting scum. So the one legged parrot weilder got one of his white slaves to get the abacus out the magik cupboard and put a true and transparent value on the booty. Sweet.

All the gunners were happy after that because the system was honest.

Now zooming out from the pirate ship into the ocean of ritual and ceremony we see that the pirates had brought themselves into the hierarchy of belief systems and had generated the framework for a new religion.

Money is their god, Chicago School (and their ilk) are oracles of orthodoxy, big 4 accounting firms are the schools and anyone in FIRE is a shaman.

Which brings me nicely to the early 90s when me and my mate Stuart the union man were looking through all the MBA prospectuses and we noticed that we had to complete a GMAT test before gaining entry onto the courses. Now I can only speak for myself, but upon carrying out a bit of research it quickly occurred to your correspondent that the GMAT was nothing more than a check on your card carrying credentials. Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, Red China all had their GMAT equivalents, once you were through you were a “made” inhabited carbon based life form. Now I didn’t want to be ICBLF MBA so I shied off.

I carry no one's card.

Now if you’ve any idea about the theory of money you’ll quickly realise that all these GMAT clowns were doing was learning how to fuck people over, but with a professional qualification. They might as well have been stuck in a pit in Anatolia 7000 years ago listening to the jabberings of a bloke covered in crow feathers as he spunked over the spring equinox, for all they had advanced in their mind set.

I still remember watching out of the library window at Cranfield, winter 1988/89, the MBA course fucking around with their ropes and scaffolding, and thinking WTF anything so as not to have to do any real work. Of course that was all part of their leadership pish.

So what’s all this got to do with prisoners? Well if you send your “best” to worship at the alter of illusion you will end up locking away more and more people who will not believe such arrant nonsense. That’s why.

Everything that does not conform to the shamanic world view will become criminal. One of the by products of this process is that the truly criminal will slowly infest social intercourse such that what would have been a capital crime, say treason, will become part of daily life.

And back to the library at Alexandria.

You and me, we walk up the steps everyday and enter the library, we meet chums there and waffle about our interests. After a hard days yap we, one by one, walk back down the steps and head for home to rest. Every action that we take during that day has been noted. Noted by the stall holder where we purchased a snack, by the guardians of the library, by the record keepers there who note what we read and what we may have requested.

Noted by the CHEKA and GESTAPO operatives in our midst.

So long as we stay orthodox everything is cool. If any of us snikker at the bird worshipping shaman though we’ll be followed home, our family and friends tagged and if we start shooting craws we’ll be disappeared. If too many of us start joining the dots the library will be disappeared with us in it.

Make no mistake the lists are populated and the most unlikely people will be recording your name.

They are all feert of a hard days work and all are a waste of space, not all have MBAs though.

Heads up.

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