Saturday 29 August 2009

Gordon Brown a man quite literally out of time.

If Obama’s Bipolar then I think I’ve cracked it with Gordon, though no mention of Nokia Abuse.

And I quote “Here the withdrawn factor—loneliness and constricted affect—was also complemented by the physical anhedonia scale. The original sample (1995) was then combined with the replication sample to examine associations with the dimensions of extraversion-introversion, neuroticism, and psychoticism.
Introversion loaded on the first withdrawn factor. The second unreality factor—unusual perceptions, magical beliefs, and ideas of reference—was unrelated to the Eysenck dimensions.”

No amount of screeming and yelling at him is going to penetrate his “unreality syndrome” .

He’s going to send more British troops to Afghanistan to help train Afghan forces!!!!!

WTF, all that’s going to happen is the local warlords will send their lads in for our training and shiny new boots etc and then they’ll turncoat at the given signal, and shoot our guys in the back.

Gordon doesn’t get this simple fact.

He sees this

When we see this.

Heads up.

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