Tuesday 25 August 2009

Take the vitamins and close your eyes.

I remember rushing into Sainsbury’s Camden Tahn when the big CJD story hit looking to load up with dead cow on a stick for free.

I knew all about clearing rates.

I knew about supply and demand.

Well with the headlines I reckoned that demand had collapsed. Indeed listening to my collegews I was certain of it.

So with my trusty mega rucksack on me back I sped into the dead flesh emporium hoping to beat off any like minded sods and hopefully load up with a hundred weight of top topside.

Well that’s when I realised that supply and demand theory was bollox.

Not a bargain on the cow on a skewer was to be had.

So over the years I’ve seen lots of dead things getting stuck in the ground on fire, turkeys, sheep, ducks, cows, hens, goats, more cows and now I know why.

When the impossibly mutated swine flu hits town this is how they intend to traumatise us into taking the death jab.

Now in case you’ve not being paying attention, whatever happens to your parents can have a very profound effect on your genetic make up and your children.

Genes are receptor/receivers at a very deep level. Forget just the chemical stuff.

So if your granny saw the CHEKA gun down her parents after massive psychological trauma then that will affect your life even though you may never have met your granny. Genetic structures do not set the future alone.

So when I reflect back this was all a dry run to stick our loved ones in.

Heads up.

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