Friday 28 August 2009

More Afghanistan background.

Did C4 news pull the Holbrooke monstering Karsai footage from its lunchtime news?

I got the screaming and yelling at the intro and waited for a repeat in the main body but no.

Did I miss it?

So what is the Master of Disaster up to?

Well our Kissinger chum and Rothschild scion seems to turn everything to crap when he heaves into view and when in Vietnam he and the Nobel Peace Prize winning beastie boy made sure everything went swimmingly. Just like when he turned up in Yugoslavia.

So he’s after a Nobel Peace Prize I’ll bet and being a good disciple of Kissinger that can only mean millions of dead people locally.

I'll bet he’ll try and go one better and get some nukes to go off there just to make his case for the prize cast iron.

These twerps were knee deep in making sure that the whole Vietnam tragedy was a fuck up from all points of view apart from theirs.

And that’s what’s coming in Afghanistan. Watch this it’ll take 8 mins, lessons are deliberately not being learned.

Heads up.


  1. that age when USA had great men at the helm of affairs is gone.its not a question of defeat being inevitable but absence of that burning fire and zeal in the US bureaucracy and leadership.a better way of dealing with afghanistan could have been to give afghanistan an infrastructure project which could give a guaranteed income.a simple project could have beenb relaying the pipeline from shibirgan to uzbekistan and shibirgan to kabul.both were entirely feasible and through safe thought was given.

    an ideal strategy would be to keep some bases and make the taliban fight the indians/iranians/russians combined.instead USA is doing all the fighting protecting soft under5belly of Russia and China

  2. Agha,

    what's happened to the TAPI pipeline of ex-Mossad man Maiman. The transit fees for that pipeline were supposed to fund Kabul's government weren't they?

    Your on the ground or at least nearby what's happening?

    Cheers, and keep your head down if the lead pills start flying;-)

  3. the Russians made sure that the talibans get all the weapons and ammo to make the TAPI area insecure.above all the USA lacks that political and military will to destroy the taliban.the taliban are not invincible nor their victory inevitable.militarily the USA could have easily secured a corridor for the TAPI.Its a question of perceptions.Just think if the TAPI pipeline is ready Russia and even China would lose in the energy war in Turkmenistan.Worse was the US failure to make the Shibirgan line which would have run through entirely safe area.instead USA was building camps which would one day be abandoned.Yes US companies made money.Main loser is US taxpayer but who cares.

  4. Hey Agha - the whole point is NOT to win the war but to keep it going for as long as possible.

    "Yes US companies made money."

    Damned straight bro - and they want it to keep flowin' big time.

  5. Agha,

    do those bunnies leap or are they prod?

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  7. depends on who is in front of them.IED is a simple but lethal weapon


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