Thursday 27 August 2009

Primitive primates are taking us to hell.

These guys are gonna help us kill ourselves, or if not they’ll get the state to do the deed.

Ezekiel Emanuel is surrounded by professionals who will assist him in the pursuit of his goals.

Now with an administration full of behavioral economists you’ve got to scratch your head and ask what’s this NaZoviet stuff doing in the 21st Century?

Now this describes the Science Czar in Obama’s administration, it’s a long read but you’ll love it.

OK from a 21st Century point of view it doesn’t make sense, neither did it make sense when the previous concoction of this shit surfaces in Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia.

Oh and the same screaming front men were out pulling the wool over the scum’s eyes by telling them it was all going to benefit them in the end.

Pol Pot pulled the same crap, so did underage girl shagging Red Guard Cultural Revolution Mao.

To you and me this is objectionable diseased mental degeneracy with no other outcome than dead people, the despiritualisation of life and the monetisation of the miracle of being.

However if you’ve got a Bronze Age mindset then this is just fantastic stuff, it’s hot NOAHide and it makes you feel good all over as you lord it over everyone else killing all who stand in your way.

Obama’s administration, Brown’s administration (and whatever follows) are BRONZE AGE primitives.

Get them out now before it’s too late!!!!

Heads up.

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