Sunday 30 August 2009

Why are TPTB all heading South?

Last week I mentioned how the Bushies, Moonies etc. are bolting to Paraguay, now the Dutch royal family put the kybosh on any reporting of their holiday in Argentina, they’re also building big in Mozambique.

Could it be that they know something we don’t?

Something about the coming boom, town rats getting out of town away from the flash damage?

Is that why Gordon is looking strangely serene?

Every other administration I’ve witnessed getting near to election day is usually shitting itself about now.

Not Gordon.

Does he know that the borders will be sealed and that all the new immigrants will have the language skills needed to run the great big UK GCHQ listening station?

Is that why there is no more RN, no more RAF, no more Army?

UK plc is just a great big spy base for the NWO?

Makes sense of what we are witnessing.

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