Tuesday 25 August 2009

Up up up the Zuboff ziguratt lickitty split.

Whatever you get from MSM is designed to keep you affixed. When you are fixed you are nixed. Your notion of a nation. Your idea of work. How you feel about yourself. All you’re own and everyone’s. Once you are so beguiled it may be that you will like this.

For each instance of left there is a right so don’t draw conclusions, it’s all about fooling the self.

Each of the Big heroes you see here are bitch boys for the foundations, foundations of civilisation no less.

So be careful, this will all be happening in surround sound to you.

Barrack O'Bannion, Gordon Brown, Mandelbrot set, David Milligan, Cutthroat Straw, Jacques Smythe, Dodi Hormones have all been having wet dreams about these lazy fools all their lives. They all do what they do because they are afraid of work. That’s why they all try and get rid of it, they are lazy. Remember this applies left and right so don’t expectorate.

I’ve worked with and for enough of the capitalist wet dreams to see the common denominator.

Beneath the psychopathy and the narcissism there is a lazy clown looking for the brake to indolence. Get in their way and they will kill you.


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