Saturday 14 November 2009

9/11 was not an inside job. The pantechnikon of reasons why. 9 of ?

Something has nagged at me about one of the angles involved in 9/11 exhumation. If you’ve read any of the rest of this series you will know I’ve always harboured suspicions about certain Canadian dual nationals who just happened to be at the correct place at the correct time. It has nagged and nagged.

I dismissed the argument about planes or no planes because I considered it trivial to the overall crime. I could see that the Pentagon was a missile-strike/bomb assassination but I didn’t really care about the Twin Towers cover story modalities.

David Ray Griffin took the 911 Commission report apart well enough for us to know that what we actually saw doesn’t matter. A gigantic crime was pulled that day by people other than those pointed at in the report.

Then I read through, by accident, No Remorse . NR commented on another blog I watch and I wondered who this is. Well I’m back home when I get to the blog and what do I find. An incredible tale you’d think, and yet there it all is. Masonic double dealing in Scotland.

Then more dots are joined. G8 2005 Scotland. G20 2009 Scotland. Scottish right freemasonry. Things I would normally dismiss as the background noise of old family tales. Well, well.

So I found this

Way down at the bottom of page 1 and another piece of the jigsaw came into my possession. That’s a lovely little collection down there.

TPTB openly mock us and are setting off down a path to degrade us by magic. Remember it doesn’t matter whether we believe in it or not. It’s the fact THEY believe and have an unbroken lineage in its practice.

You’ve got to ignore the fuel. Ignore that great big grab at your attention space. Ignore the hook.

You chuck a 767 at the Twin Towers and it will be like chucking an egg at a tennis racket. Chuck it too fast and the egg cracks up mid air because of the dynamic loading. The lower in the atmosphere you chuck the egg the sooner, i.e. the lower the velocity, at which crack up happens.

To fly fast you must fly high.

Even the big thick bits, the croutons in the yolk as it were, they are so fragile you daren’t look at them. Ever seen a gas turbine combustor? Ever seen a diffusion bonded titanium fan blade? They do their job and do it well hanging on out their between engineering excellence and failure. Failure that a hollow boned creature can bring. They’ll crumple like tissue paper when taken out of their performance envelopes.

Only the solid things like pump casing castings and undercarriage forgings would stand up to any severe diversion from the designed operating procedures. Even the wing/fuselage box would have been stopped by the cold steel outer columns ot the Twin Towers.

The fuse pins for the turbofans would have gone and the motors would have tumbled onto the surface of the buildings cold surface...

Just like the hit on the Pentagon, only parts of the buildings directly involved in Enron type drug money laundering and RICO activities, were targeted in the initial attacks.

I don’t care still really what hit, missile, plane, weapon of imagined destruction, I don’t care. I can see clearly that I’m being fed a script by the MSM which promotes the interests of some entity outwith my society. For my society does not do mass murder through dramatic set pieces like this.

On 7/7 I watched the looping over and over again of the same tape on the GGT, all morning. No NEWS at all. Just the same tape of first responders looping endlessly. No News, just approved footage.

As I wrote earlier in the week “A world of guilds, gangsters and secret societies loosely connected by criminal commerce has been created. Very few will be allowed in, most will be left to wither on the outside.” A host of bit part actors can be brought to bear on these created events designed to warp the Attention Space for whatever agenda is required, guild members, sworn to secrecy. That’s why noone turns up to whistle blow from the thousands involved. And they laugh at us as we thrash around trying to bring the thing to attention.

It is part of the ritual that we can know what has happened, after all the evidence is there, but nothing can be done about it because human beings in the Herd Attention Space really deep down do not care. I reckon that everything we are experiencing is being constructed, there is no chance or free will dynamic.

The reality that we see is a construct and the frightening thing is that you can be kidnapped at anytime to play your assigned roll in this false reality, usually resulting in your death. It would be easy to say that the Tavistock Inst. was at work here since we are experiencing an even bigger version of what the Stanford Research Institute put in play over half a century ago.

Gang wars were carefully planned at Stanford, deliberately designed to shock society and cause ripples of disturbances. By 1958 there were in excess of 200 of these gangs. They were made popular by a musical and a Hollywood movie, “West Side Story.” After making the news for a decade, suddenly, in 1966, they disappeared off the streets of New York, Los Angeles New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Chicago.

Throughout the near decade of gang violence, the public reacted according to the profiled response Stanford expected; society as a whole could not comprehend gang warfare and the public responded in a maladaptive manner. Had there been those wise enough to recognize in gang wars a Stanford experiment in social engineering and brainwashing, the conspirator’s plot would have been exposed.

Either we did not have trained specialists who could see what was going on—which is highly unlikely—or else they were threatened and remained silent. The cooperation with Stanford by the news media brought to light a “new age” attack on our environment just as predicted by the social engineers and new-science scientists at Tavistock.”

Did you catch that bit “cooperation with Stanford by the news media” ?

It’s Romeo and Juliet all over again.

The West is being brought and bought into a much older and better established world order.

An order based on slavery and oligarchy, NO FREEDOM.

Heads up.

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