Thursday 5 November 2009

Time to throw big phekking handfuls of salt in the air, chuck the zabutons….

….and enjoy a little Nostalgia.

And a visual metaphor.

Never got to see the great man in action though I waited long enough for them to pitch up in London.

Keep that image of the smaller guy taking down the huge guy, every time Leviathan heaves into view.

Hee heeee hheeeee.


  1. I once saw Konishiki getting into a limo.
    He was frikking huge.

  2. K was great, and cheated out the Y by the usual, usual. Saw him on telly when I was out there in Aug, he'd slimmed down a lot, AND was still massive!!!

    Happy days.

  3. ha fatty goes down. hey the bigger they come the harder they fall hmm? may it be so.


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