Thursday 5 November 2009

Will Hector invite Junky Puppy in to play with Zaza?

Some random thoughts on why, with the use of the Rigorous Voting Method as a start, we will win the day when the EUSSR implodes under its own contradictions, sloth and immorality. Take heart I believe it is designed that way and we should help the process.

First however we need to deal with ourselves.

The time is very interesting to be putting together a super state that no one loves or likes.

The world is falling apart, the fiat money pony show is staggering onto the cobbles of the glue rendering factory. The idea of government is about to be rubbed from memory to be replaced by a corporatist front. Work will be rationed, there is no more work. Spending your time getting permission to live vouchers/credits will occupy increasing amounts of our time. There will be no leisure time unless proscribed for green indoctrination. There will be no education. There will be no retirement. We have more than one fifth column in our midst and the meritocrats hate us. Rabid belief systems will flourish.

What to do?

Well remove any part of your life that you can from their malevolent cast. Do these on a daily basis, if you can get something “off grid” permanently or an equivalent do it. Grow/source your own food. Do not contribute to any official/commercial process if possible.

This isn’t enough though.

We have to face some of our programming head on and kill it dead.

The first concerns immigrants. We are constantly told that they do not steal our jobs. That is true. However there are one class of immigrants who have stolen the places that should have been filled by progeny of those generations that spent decades and centuries dragging themselves out of slavery in this country. This lot are easily identifiable. Their parents arrived in the past century or so and immediately the children of those parents were at Oxbridge and then into Parliament. The cover story being they were bright and they were there on merit. Oh no, I’m not falling for that pish. I know of thousands before and since who were brighter and didn’t get a sniff. These clowns weren’t motivated by hard work and brain power taking advantage of a merit based system that didn’t/doesn’t seem to work for anyone else. No these guys knew they were in a preplanned process just for them. Their own little trajectory to power and as such it is true they stole the positions that should have been filled by Britons. What have they done? They worked avidly, assiduously and tirelessly to bring us to the EUSSR. Go and check them out.

The second is our type of warfare, and this says it all.

“That is the saddest part of our current policy calculus. Bin Laden’s scheme was to goad us into pouring blood and treasure into unwinnable enterprises from which we couldn’t extract ourselves. George W. Bush and his neoconservative puppeteers were a perfect foil. (Hey stupid, come here. Who are you calling stupid? I’m going to come over there and…act stupid.) Obama hasn’t changed much in our foreign policy. We’re still banging our heads against a brick wall because somebody dared us not to.” So Much for Europe

Next start getting into the places that the immigrants have targeted to make the corporate individual supreme. Our objective is to undo this by destroying their perverted bastardised mutant creation.

Last but not least think for ourselves.

If we start with basic stuff then we’ll get into the higher values denied to us by the occult based oligarchy.

As I said in a previous post 6.5 billion free minds scares the shit out of TPTB. 6.5 billion Free minds; imagine what we could all achieve with freedom.

Heads up.


  1. What the fuck is TPTB. I won't fucking ask again, this is the second time!

  2. They really REALLY don't like us being able to think for ourselves, INCOMING!!!!!!! All the more reason to do just that - it will totally piss them off....bwahahahaha!!

    PS: What the fuck is TPTB?

  3. Sorry guys the lexicon wraith's been too busy worshipping beelzebub to take care of admin.

    For his troubles I've sent to be trained by the Afghan Police.

    TPTB=The Powers That Be

  4. hey great links incoming.

    tip of the day:
    be flouride-resistant & think your own thoughts.


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