Tuesday 3 November 2009

Spreadsheet Shaman & Sultans.

You may not know it but you’ve got your own little place in the Universal Spreadsheet. Oh yes, it’s all yours, but you cannot have it. Imagine that, something that is uniquely yours, all yours, no one else’s and you have no property rights over it. Just like your soul.

Others can have it, but they’ve got to be vetted. Once vetted they’re allowed dominion over a little part of the Universal Spreadsheet. Then they spend the rest of their worthless lives gaining bigger and bigger pieces of the US, fighting, scratching, killing, thieving, betraying and knaving&knifing until one day they might be crowned KING!!!! By whom though? They will never become Emperor. Not even Rock/Roth are Emperor. The Powers That Be toy with them all.

As an example of a Spreadsheet Sultan I’ll show you him.

He came tearing across my screen yesterday morning on the GGT screaming and yelling about how horrible the world is to him and how he’s a shining beacon on a hill drawing mankind to a better place.


However he’s been allowed to practice moon music and ear shine, how else could you have been cast under a powerful spell that blinds you to some obvious facts. Facts like you are going backwards in time. That’s powerful magic that is. If you don’t understand that last sentence then stare at this picture HARD until you do. EVERYTHING in it is ANCIENT.

He’s been vetted.

How does that process work these days?

Well the top way is to acquire lots of fiat drinking voucher entries on a majik ouija board difference engine called accounting rules. If you read my drivel from yesterday you won’t be surprise that the modern book of pyramid and crystals relating to that subject came out of the top ceremony and ritual site of the 19th century, go on have a guess. The top Spreadsheet Shaman at KPMG will sign that stuff of for you after crossing palms with silver&gold, for example.

Another is to go and get a DBA/MBA or become CA etc. and practice your own kind of effluence.

Both these routes to freedom are ancient, though the clowns that practice, and never master, the alchemy are satraps and unthinking servants to the cthulhu.

In other ages they’d be property of Henry the Navigator or blood letters and leech trainers by royal appointment.

Either way they are spiritless wizened dangers to humanity.

Bitchboys in the PiGPYSS.

Heads up.

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