Wednesday, 11 November 2009

On a clear day, beware.

Drivel warning, this is a mind dump, move on. Nothing to see.

I’ll start where I left off yesterday. On Friday evening it started to rain in the part of the Smoke I live. I was sticking my head out the upstairs window to try and catch the fireworks going off at a display we usually attend and the rain came down. The fireworks were obscured but I watched the rain hit the streets below, good hard rain, real rain like you don’t usually get in the Smoke. It was beautiful. Belting down, quite literally washing the shit off the pavements.

As the fireworks rose and the rain fell I remembered that on the days when the lads and lassies that create our reality acted there was always a clear blue sky. To capture our full attention.

I always say to my mate Tim the tube driver, who almost caught it 7/7, that when you step out doors and the sky is eye catchingly azure be aware that the probability of attention capture is spiking.

To capture our full attention.

The rain pelted and my mind wandered. I was back in the Princess Louise round by Holborn tube station one lunch time back in the very early nineties. I was chatting with an American bloke with whom I’d corresponded off and on for a little while about mutual research interests. I remember as we sank our last beer he said to me that we did not live in a knowledge economy, or an information society, we never would. What we lived was the Attention Economy. Then he got on his Harley. I think shortly after returned to the USofA.

I’ve never forgotten his words. I made my choices and continued my researches. All the while watching the dark side take over. The Attention Economy and the Secret Society.

When I was younger Maggie turned up and promised a new beginning. Great I thought time to get the gloves off and put those Koreans and Sakiswillers in their place. Free management and put together mighty engines of UK plc commerce that will reclaim lost markets and make the world tremble again.

What an idiot.

I remember hoping that by getting rid of over manning we’d become more productive and really start to motor. Decades later what used to take one bloke and an autocue now takes legions of faces and the computing power of a space programme.

As Tsarion says on that little vid I posted, the truth stands by itself totally unaided. The lie needs maintenance 24/7. So why would I see such over manning, over personing, over inhabited carbon based lifeforming on the GGT and SKY if I were looking at anything real?

Maggie didn’t realise it but the political economy will select for the success it wants. The political economy does not want industrialists, capitalists, managers of great engineering feats. It currently selects for actors and shaman to take part in the floor show that currently fills in for reality.

I watched Simon Cowell telling Clarkson a few years ago that Clarkson was ideal for Cowell’s grooming process because Clarkson possessed “personality”. That’s the Attention Economy selecting for success.

Mr Cowell’s grooming process also highlights the other side of the economy, the Secret Society. If you watch the current outpourings on the goggle box you will see over and over again a variant of the Star Chamber or people’s court so beloved of our NaZoviet chums, nicely portrayed in the film The Spy Who came in from the Cold.

If you want to take part in this Attention Economy then these guys will lord it over you, no questions allowed, our decision is final. They’ll select you for success, and there is no other, or extinction.

If you want to be one of the, usually three, “decision” makers/selectors then you aren’t going to be allowed until you’ve shown your party card, have a look at the Common Purpose stuff I hung up yesterday to see how you get to be a card carrying member, good little commie.

NNW called attention to some of the characteristics of this existence we lead yesterday. They may kill us in handfuls, by default, as NNW says, now. However I see a great, so far inanimate, structure that is simply waiting for the right time and person to kick it into life. That’s when the “if you’ve nothing to hide” crowd will realise what doltful, wilful fools they’ve been. The checks and balances that used to inform society have been removed and the soft rule by diktat has been put in place.

Just like in Simon’s shows if you cause disharmony in the Herd Attention Space you will have a bouncer bounce you down the stairs, so with the Attention Economy. Try and disrupt the Herd Attention Space and the levers are there to bounce you out of life, all it takes is that certain someone to turn up. To be chosen, like this chump . Notice the presence there of one of the great wankstators.

All the time I was doing my research one thing kept coming up to spoil the party. No matter how I tried to hammer it down it would always IED the carefully thought out path I was treading. I didn’t ignore it but I hoped that I could minimise its pernicious influence. No hope I’m afraid. Trade secrets, black arts and commercial confidentiality will destroy all attempts at building a fair and equitable world. All the while the IT revolution was happening every bit of knowledge was being sucked out of reality,stolen and the Attention Economy was being inflated. A world of guilds, gangsters and secret societies loosely connected by criminal commerce has been created. Very few will be allowed in, most will be left to wither on the outside.

The NWO really will be Occult.

A High Tech Venice.

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