Sunday 8 November 2009

Oscar winner Frank Sinatra, time to do it your way.

I have warned on many occasions that we are at a critical juncture when the next General Election heaves into view. The cast of British politics is smashed. It lies broken just in front of the telly in your living room. The vase was pushed deliberately by one of the chums that you thought had come round to play football with you and your mates in the back garden. You lot were trying to ask your next door neighbour for your ball back, again, when someone went for a leak and whilst indoors smashed the phekker to smithereens.

2010 the last chance to live in the country you thought was Britain.

After the election is over you will discover the obliterated vase and sink to your knees weeping for a lost country.

Scunnert picks up on something today of the hidden conflict. Brown has always looked to me like a Manchurian candidate so sure in his beliefs, fore knowledge, as to seem other worldly. The rest of the pantomime LibDems, SNP, Greens, BNP and UKIP all take their foundation marching orders and dance.

We are now at a tipping point where the whole fabric of our political economy is not just discredited but ridiculous.

Rabid belief systems will permeate the body politic once the next election is over. If you thought the Tory party in the mid nineties was barking you haven’t seen anything yet.

If you want to have a brief glimpse of how our parliament will look by 2015 have a squint at the Knesset. That’s why so many of our so called MPs are banging out. They’ve got the message and hundreds of real Manchurian candidates will be in place ready to cause chaos by defections, adhoc grouping, shadow parties, contingent alliances, religious nutters and utter nonsense. The two party system will be cast aside and nothing will ever get done ever again.

Now that sovereignty has been eliminated from UK plc our highest form of government can be allowed to degenerate into a chimp house.


  1. Aye - disnae look good. I imagine England will cease to exist in reality. That ancient identity cast aside as it reorganizes itself into regional alliances. Scotland as a unit might retain an identity - for a while.

  2. hey incoming, sorry off topic (do you have an email somewhere on here??)...

    anyway have you ever heard of these people:

    could maybe have something to do with this:

  3. scunnert Europe doesn't understand that it is a side show on the AfrAsian survivors' agenda.

    AP cannot get into the FT ref you give.

  4. retry:

    it's about K1 hedge fund. the first article connects very old private banking established 1741 with two lions on the logo, with taiwan and technology.

  5. OK AP got a bloomberg and reuters post on the K1 (Delaware limited liability see my Flying City last week) all the action takes place at T+29 just when Locke is playing with the ChiComms. Collateral damage as the Fed goes belly up? Cannot find more on the Taiwan angle though. If T does feature further it may have a dragon gold angle.


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