Monday 23 November 2009

Yet More Afghanistan background.

Interesting article today on the future force levels being considered in Afnamistan.

A couple of points catch they eye.

Firstly Brown has said we might add 500 to the number of troops deployed and yet US sources reckon that 2000 extra British troops could be deployed. So guess what that yellow streak of piss Brown will be doing then? Why is it he can tell us all about the tons of cash he was going to throw at us whilst Chancellor and it all turned out to be triple and quadruple counting of already announced spending when he was selling our gold of to his criminal internationalist mates? Why can’t he do the same with our troop figures? Stand up and say “Oh yes we’ll fly ten thousands of the lads in alright!” Then immediately fly all our lads and lassies back home. No the spineless goon takes the piss out of us but if he crossed Murder Inc he’d get a lead pill.

Secondly why are our death numbers running at two to three times everyone else’s? Add up the Franco/German numbers to get a force size roughly equal in size to our own and their dead are a fraction of ours. AND we’re giving gold to the Taliban Fan to stop them killing us!!!

Finally do you remember when we looked down at the Argentine people when they were lead to a war by their military junta to ”take their attention off the misery at home”? How we pitied to poor simple wretches, our subtext being that if they had a good strong democracy like ours they’d have not let it happen.

Simple dolts. Imagine letting the Fascists take their eyes of the ball. Give them a war and they’ll not notice the shit heap that their country became.


One final thing, note that Dec 3 date, how soon can the EUSSR start a Euro draft? Once all the boys and girls are off site fighting the way will be clear to flood the home countries with refugees to do war work to help the war effort, fiction. Just like they did to UK plc in WW2.

Heads up.


  1. Well - that would be one way to provide work for our young folks.

  2. scunnert just been chatting with a chum who reports that electrical apprentiships in Londonistan are not for aboriginals.


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