Wednesday 18 November 2009

Shifty shiftee, little monkey.

Who’s with the programme and who is not?

What’s the programme?

The programme is global NOAHide otherwise known as NWO or the Return of the laws of Enki.

We need to decide just who is a creature of the Emerald Tablets and who is not.

This isn’t a personal thing it’s a national thing since the power of the Tablets operate on mass human consciousness and the machine has many cycles its wonders to perform.

It is easier to see which nations are still free of the infection than which is not.

I find it more than a little curious that this should be kicking off in a land that knows the power of lattices and diseases.

Those not infected will be getting bad mouthed in the MSM. Those fully infected will look all shiny and pretty.



Have another map.


  1. Chill out Phekkwitz - we'll fight them when we see the white of their eyes

  2. beware the little mutations.

  3. Was Joseph Moshe correct?

  4. scunnert the fact he's BEING HELD IN THE PATTON STATE MENTAL HOSPITAL IN CALIFORNIA. Next Court Date is 01/25/2010. tells you a lot.

    Its very NaZoviet.

    AP yepp got that.

    GV the whites of their eyes will be turning red soon.

    If as Rife and many Russian scientists beleived and demonstrated disease can be created at a distance using fields and standing scalar waves filtered through grids(Emerald Tablets)then my piqued interest in Ukraine and Moshe now you intoduce him scunnert is all the more alarmed.


Voyoy cheeky, leave us a deadletteredroped..