Sunday 22 November 2009

Divertcity in advertcity. Misanthropy and the Dead.

GV has been checking out names again, good stuff and on the mark as well.

The world of diversity and multifaithbolloxculturaladversity in the unreality bubble that is London crashes through real life at the speed of absurdity simply because it is propelled by the theft of monies from the rest of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Only in this magic kingdom could a complete load of adverse ersebark be allowed to grow to poison the aboriginals.

The scenes today in Grimsby reminded me that in order to get to this ultramarine sandwich of poison all real work had to be destroyed in the Kingdom.

Name me one endeavour that does not have the dead hand of statute killing it now. No real work where men and women could earn money free of the light fingers of regulation exists. Freedom's money that men and women could use to their own independents spirits’ tasking, threatened by government’s pick pocketing your liberty bit by bit like Shylocks heirs gangrenous drip onto the body politic. Honest money, that’s dangerous for after a hard shift you might get to ponder about the huge piss take unfolding around you. No far better to make everyone work for the government in some fashion or in endeavours that are slave driven scamming operations. Go on name me anything that does not fall within that scope and I’ll show you a job that will be removed soon.

However the great diversity and all inclusive multizoological paradox has at its heart a fatal flaw. A flaw so glaring that the whole flatulent edifice must tumble under the weight of its own absurdity.

No, not that it is discriminatory and racist towards the aboriginals.

No it excludes that largest part of the human experience, the dead.

The rigourmortified are discriminated against in the most diabolical scale. It is an offence against the six foot under and the rendered unto ash that the diversity spewing, multi cultural mewling foundation changelings have deliberately abandoned them to the dark drak unending oblivion when so much of their talent lies beneath as yet untapped.

Whoa INCOMING!!!!!!! I hear you cry you’ve gone off your scone now and left the noodle bar.

But no, I say swaatch this THE COSTS AND BENEFITS OF DIVERSITY A Study on Methods and Indicators to Measure the Cost-Effectiveness of Diversity Policies in Enterprises

From which I quote, and which I’ll translate (in brackets) this for the NEW DIVERSITY that I hope you will join me in promoting for adoption globally in the very near future, what with all the new newly dead people that are about to turn up.

“4.1. Benefits (I’m loving it)
Our research identifies two principal types of economic (economics is a shamanic endevour creating propaganda to cover thievery) benefits that
Companies (gulags covered by statutes) seek from investments in workforce diversity (inherently discriminatory as argued by the author here) policies. Specifically,
such investments create economic benefits for companies by:
• Strengthening long-term “value-drivers” (code for belief in the fairies) i.e. the tangible and
Intangible (how much more intangible can you be than dead) assets (slave units) that allow companies to be competitive, to generate
stable cash (an unstable psychological conditioning) flows, and to satisfy their shareholders (Oligarchs). These include
building a differentiated reputation (talking bollox) with key stakeholders and
customers (no such thing in a commie gulag), and improving the quality of human capital (automata) within a
Investments in diversity policies contribute to a strategy of long-term
value creation by creating and strengthening human and organisational
capital. Along with knowledge capital, these are the principal intangible
assets used by companies in a wide range of sectors to establish
competitive advantage and to create value. Leading companies accept
that there are no simple “cause and effect” relationships between
strengthening these factors, improving competitiveness, and creating
value. (We’re making this all up because that’s what we are paid to do) However, they believe (a stasis point totally divorced from reality) that, taken together, these factors have a
powerful indirect impact on their competitiveness over the long-term. (More shamanic manic maniac nonsense)
• Generating short and medium-term opportunities to improve cash
flows e.g. by reducing costs (killing live people to make unalive), resolving labour shortages (bring out your dead), opening up
new markets (no such thing, there is land, sea and air), and improving performance in existing markets. These
are also known as “return-on-investment” (ROI) benefits (19th century London based accountancy alchemy).
Because of their nature, many of these benefits are more
straightforward to measure, and a link to investments in diversity can,
in certain circumstances, be identified (we are guessing again). However, most of these benefits
are “context-specific” (don’t really exist) i.e. they are particular to the strategy and market
position of specific companies (utter bollox).
Another important issue is the difficulty of linking together business benefits
and investments in diversity (it’s all in their imagination, nothing to do with real life). Even for short and medium-term improvements
in cash flows, it is likely that diversity policies are only one of a number of
factors that have contributed to improvements in performance.” (It’s got nothing to do with current diversity what we need is the NEW DIVERSITY)

So there you are if you believe that mind barph then there is no argument against bringing the dead into the workforce and thus truly celebrating the beauty of diversity. For every argument used, whether it’s legless pink penguins, one armed kitten stranglers or off planet refugees with bad hair, just replace the appropriate grouping with the dead and it works.

Heads up.


  1. Only a year ago, we were raging about the "incompetence" of the government.

    It has now become very clear that the "incompetence" tag was one they were prepared to accept, to keep us blind as to what they had planned.

  2. Beautiful. And all said without a note of irony!
    "Leading companies accept . . ." What is this, like, 9 out of 10 dentists recommend . . . .!?

    building differentiated reputations I think he means telling everyone a different story. And

    improving the quality of human capital. I feel I'm either standing on a block and having my teeth inspected or I'm in the middle of Sweeney Todd's Quality Sausage Factory

  3. Fausty, james, Blair dropped the meme into our debate that is designed to lead us into a new dark age. Faith based.

    Fausty those guys I dropped you a line on today are all "Faith" screened.

  4. scunnert they excel at vacuous verbiage.


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