Tuesday 17 November 2009

Evil credo

There is much wrong with this video, I can see the Nancy boy bitchboys hiding behind the petticoats of their nanny foundations, however there are some simple truths therein for all to behold.

No arguments.

More soldiers = more dead soldiers.

More soldiers= more and more dead people.

Most of the money has been stolen, as usual, to buy fancy villas in the sun and expensive works of art.

Just as a plan was hatched to discredit our democratic process by putting in place a parliament full of thieves, so our military is being destroyed/discredited by a mission in thievery of peoples’ land & lives.

Heads up.


  1. Quite. Bertrand Russell appears to be Labour's and the UN's) blueprint for the future.

    Watch the video - or better still, read Russell's book "The Scientific Outlook".

  2. Yes Fausty he's an bit of work alright.

    I posted LPAC about him at the end of this back in Sept. http://specificgravy.blogspot.com/2009/09/thank-god-im-optimist-part-six.html

  3. Very powerful doc. I don't think they can keep the war going much longer. Folks are just sick of it.

  4. scunnert I now know how the Germans must have felt. Weird but true. All they can do now is generate some sort of Stalingrad moment for us and light the blue touch paper.


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