Sunday 1 November 2009

Crime syndicate

Good post over on Low Intensity Conflicts site.

It raises more questions than it can answer.

However these questions are simple. Simple questions that ordinary folk can construct and answer.

Like the questions me and my mate Tim the tube driver used to ask ourselves way back at the beginning of this decade. Namely. How long can this Ponzi scheme stagger on? If we can see it’s a Pangalactic Pyramid Selling Scheme from the lofty vantage of Trent Park then why can’t the GGT, BoE, Fed, HMG, HM Loyal Opposition, Tesco, Sainsbury’s etc?

As we trudged round Trent Park walking the pups way back in the winter of 1999/2000, his pup is an old dog now and my pup’s a prototeenager, these things puzzled us. Looking back now I wish someone could have slapped us around with wet kipper and yelled WAKE UP FOOLS IT IS ALL THERE IN PLAIN SIGHT!!! You cannot do that though, this stuff takes a long time to get your head round.

As my mate Ram the putative porn star once remarked “Noone realises just how much hard work is involved in being truly evil”. Well Ram hit a naked truth there all right; conversely it takes even more hard work to do good.

So you cannot unload the full Montague on the unwary, you’ll have one of those moments that I have related on two occasions, that Scargill’s 2iC moment.

Funny thing is it could be that we are just plain odd to want to ferret out the “truth?”

The reasons are sadly all too obvious and the Afghan people will never get what they want.

As I asked yesterday “Are we Robert Redford?” well we should be but in other films. We are Bob Woodward, or if we get close Joseph Turner/The Condor.

Robert Shaw of course is our enemy and he’ll come and get us, dum dum dum dum …..dum-dum bullets and shoot to kill.

The Afghan people will never get their peace, our troops will never be honored in their use and service, and me and Tim and our pups should realize that the crime syndicate that “brings” peace in pieces to troubled parts of the world, has the photos of skunkknockering MPs, controls the education of our children, harvest/steals organs, slave traffics, people trades, cultivates and runs drugs, looks after our hospitals and puts in place our statutes will only get out of our lives when we ignore it completely. To fight it is to create a moral and spiritual induction that feeds into their ceremony and ritual.

Careful though, Ruby Ridge isn’t just a curry full of turmeric and coriander.

You’ll get cut to ribbons.

Heads up.

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