Tuesday 24 November 2009

A little bit of moonlight and magic.

A couple of interesting things turned up today on the MSM, which I usually avoid donating ear time and eye use to.

If you’re a copper in the UK sneak in the back door of No10 so as not to get photographed carrying secret documents on operations to fit up a certain brand of God botherer. Occult. In camera.

Secondly City Minister Lord Myners said at the end of his interview here on C4 News “…..more effective if it’s carried out covertly”. Occult.

I watched this drivel and it just takes me back to ritual and ceremony.

The subject was Mervyn King’s, why so many Ys in these guys names?, revelation that a secret 61billion sponds had been splashed at HBOS and RBS, all repaid a few months later.

If we the punters had asked for a splash of say ohh…61 sponds to be lashed out pronto at something useless like...oohhhh…improving the lot of the headless we’d have been told to right Royally GTF!!! We’d be shown the 'crete close up and personal with words ringing in our ears about how “The headless have their own minister and questions were raised in the house and a select committee is looking into that very subject of the leaderless headless and will report back ASAP with proposals that will have cross party support here and in the EUSSR because it is important that the headless be harmonised with their EUSSR counterparts.”

Read through this The Biggest Rip-off of All Time

So much of the USofA corp. TARP monies are unaccounted.

And that’s the clue hear, the Y bearer said that the BoE will be audited in this matter.

We’ve just witnessed an occult ritual in clear sight.

I’ll wander off subject for a moment if I may.

I’ve always wanted to relate a little something placed in my shell like by a chap who used to work in my department. He should have retired but he lost his shirt in the Floating City where he used to work the phones drumming up business from the moneyed. Every Friday Stephen would have the day off to join his old mukkas who’d got out with the loot, unlike him, for a round of golf at a club just North of London. He didn’t have to take his putters far.

His mates were all rolling in it and many were still in the business though at arms length. Stephen told me during a fag break outside our offices that his mates were just waiting for the day when it would go tits up. I asked why. Well he said his mates were allowing people to release value by remortgaging, freeing up capital. The money was cheap, yen carry trade, but the day was coming when the economy would go bang and the properties would fall into his mates’ hands as the terms and conditions attached to these deals let them snatch at will and the ranks of the unemployed swelled. Oahu thought I so that’s how it works. I still remember that morning break in March 2003.

So the pony show is now going bang and RBS and HBOS needed some magic money from nowhere. BoE prints it up, hands it over, TARP funds flood the system, RBS and HBOS hand the money back to BoE and suddenly 61billion sponds have been laundered through the offices of the Ben Bernanke/Hank Paulson casino.

That’s 61billion sponds of debt magically heaped on the shoulders of tax payers now, in the womb, as yet not conceived.

Occult ritual and ceremony from the Temple.

Heads up.

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