Friday 13 November 2009

9/11 was NOT an inside job. The pantechnikon of reasons why. 8 of ?

I love anime.

Ever since I watched Marine Boy as a child I’ve been spellbound by the imagery.

Japanese anime is top stuff. No one, no one, captures the feeling of sunlight better. They might be matched but never beaten. I love the way snow fall is realised as well. Manna for the optic nerve.

This is the closing song from one of the best technically executed of the genre. Ghost in The Shell 2. If you want transhumanism dished up for examination raw watch it. As I listened to that song and watched the credits scrolling in the darkness I wondered about what I had just seen. Ordinary people and extraordinary people that we wouldn’t recognise as people. Future, past and present.

Want a laugh? Watch any Lupin 3, esp. Miyazaki’s Castle of Cagliostro, that such skill should be lavished on bubblegum is truly amazing. Even pap like The Legend of the Four Kings cannot stop doing great midday scenes with that clear blue sky, golden sun induced lens effects and the cicadas chirruping away.

If you fancy a keek at 9/11 writ large Patlabor 2 will do it, way ahead of it’s time or like Kubrick giving us a look behind the Wizard’s curtain.

Grave of the Fireflies. Watch and weep. If I had to do some pre-lead pill screening for paths this is what I’d make them watch, then take the failures outside for despatch.

Every one of these is a good representative of high popular art, visually a feast, conceptually stunning, immaculate in execution and wonderful to listen to, great characterisation and the best music composed by the top bods.

Each has that beautiful period of motion/ silence/quietude/still contained within the narrative, that point where your spirit and soul can rest and you can reflect.

Then there are the daddies, AKIRA and GOLGO 13.


For us this childish collection of cartoons can imagine the future, mock the present, pay homage to the past. They can move your heart, cleanse your spirit and refresh your soul. Artists who demonstrate mastery of the most advanced engineering concepts and our perceptions.

So why can’t the professionals do it then when they pull an anime on us?

No soul that’s why.



  1. incoming, my 13yo daughter is obsessed with anime.

  2. AP it is a truly beautiful artform. It is just like a great big Hiroshige moving and talking.

    At her age she should enjoy the Lupin III stuff.


  3. i'll ask her about it ; )

    i spend too much time reading about death and destruction, as you know.


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