Wednesday 11 November 2009

From out of a clear blue sky.

I watched the fireworks on Friday night.

I remembered that to kill someone, and get away with it, do it on a dark and stormy night.

To kill lots of people, do it in broad daylight.

You will 9/11 it.

Heads up.


  1. The Big Lie works, doesn't it?

    You'd think people actually like being lied to.

  2. Adam I beleive it is a spell. Strange but true.

  3. Done it, buried their body - still waiting on the knock on the door.

  4. polaris, don't worry if the planning consent was given and the victim wasn't "connected" you are OK. That knock will never come. It's the law abding that have to worry about being dragged off into the lashing rain at 3am by the Lead Pill Pharmacy.


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