Wednesday 25 November 2009

Dongs and dorks


Remember that country and how it got flattened to make way for the psychopathic monotheists’ sweat shops to feed our massive super stores?

Super stores funded by funny money from the capital markets.

You surely don’t think that internal cash flows allowed these guys to exterminate all those local businesses that we used to frequent. The Tinker, the Taylor, the Candlestick maker, the Butcher, the Baker, the Greengrocer.

Tinker tailor soldier …..Traitor?

Well now that the old have been knocked off in Dongland and the disabled are displaced from polite society, money can be made from the newly adult with no overheads and fiat spending money.

Getting the drift yet?

Agent Orange and aspartame, you buy the drink in the store that you hired the sneakers you wear, no animal skin there no, not a hide, and you’re touched by the dong as much as by the dead in the tunnels of Ku Chi.


Here’s a big dork.

Here’s some teensy weensy dorks talking crap.

Told you so

And again.

Here’s some calm analysis with none of my ranty swearyness.

I said way back to keep an eye on the psychopath Richard Holbrooke, didn’t I?

In the future when the DU has cleared what sort of member will touch your offspring in a franchise, somewhere far removed from the dead in the tunnels, offering no, not a hide, respirators and kidneys?

Heads up.

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  1. Telling observation regarding DU, Incoming and top tip on Holbrooke. I think he and Negroponte should be called the 'Sphincter Brothers'

    Not very impressed with the chappy at your link to Pen and Sword-
    "The notion of America exceptionalism has worn itself transparent. We’re making the world a worse place, not a better one. Our counterproductive wars have nothing to do with national security. The al-Qaeda that attacked us with 19 guys on 9/11 who didn’t have the equivalent of a Chicago school system high school diploma is, for all practical purposes, dead and gone. Their work is finished. They suckered us into massive commitments of national blood and treasure into sinkholes that shouldn’t matter to the world’s sole superpower."

    Spot the disinfo tactic therein! A 'sucker sandwich' I think it is called.

    "This big re-re escalation of Afghanistan is a big mistake. It’s a grand execution of a flawed doctrine. Counterinsurgency (COIN), the Pentagon’s latest flimsy excuse to exist, is based on a host of internal fallacies. Premier among them is the notion that the host nation must be a “legitimate government” that provided “good governance.” Mohammed on a crutch, if you have good governance from a legitimate government, by and large, you don’t have an insurgency."

    And you're also not living in any country on this planet, either. The use of the word "insurgency" is also misleading, if not straight out deceitful, as it implies the anti-government or anti-occupation fighters come from outside the country in question and so have no legitimacy.

    "An excellent article in Armed Forces Journal by retired Army Col. Douglas MacGregor titled “Refusing Battle” deserves wide attention. MacGregor wisely admonishes:

    America’s experience since 2001 teaches the strategic lesson that in the 21st century, the use of American military power, even against Arab and Afghan opponents with no navies, no armies, no air forces and no air defenses, can have costly, unintended strategic consequences. Put in the language of tennis, the use of American military power since the early 1960s has resulted in a host of “unforced errors.”

    This is all nonsense when you consider that there was no justification for the US invading, or continuing to occupy, Afghanistan. It is, and continues to be, a War Crime. This point is primary

    Despite the author's complaining about Obama and the Pentagon, with this article he is shaping the argument to their benefit.


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