Friday 6 November 2009

Continuing the Gangster theme.

ChiComms don’t you love their wonderful ways. Ways that we will be adapting and adopting when there’s no food left.

Farmers Selling blood to make ends meet.

Who loves the ChiComms? Well Anita Dunn does, she thinks Mao is one of her favourite political philosophers. She’s fucking crazy, Mao was a drugrunners bitchboy, go check out some Sassoon you MFuckin bitchbaboon.

Another strategically shaven mental baboon is our foundation bitchboy turncoat jew nazi Soros who loves the ChiComms . Must remind him of the good old days back in ze Mittel OOrroop Jah!!!

Hande Hoch.

The Mandelbrot Set, infinite evil within a finite space, wilfully doesn’t get it. The ChiComms only want US Tech and they’ve stolen that with the help of every US Admin since Nixon. So TMS is working on something else for the great big lady boy pay off. Perhaps when the ChiComms have moved the OMGs into Palambang, Pasha Mandy will be ensconsed.

Useless phekkers.

They are selling out freedom with every breath they take.

Take them out at every opportunity from now on.

Abandon their shows, ignore their advice and vote them out to be replaced by someone you KNOW!

Preferably YOU.

Heads up.

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