Saturday 28 November 2009

T+58, 27/11/2009 Disclosure? Who outed the GREEN con and why?

The rise in MSM criticism of all things Khazar recently is bizarre and has not gone unremarked. Strange outings and briefings. The intentional CRU exposure was a bit like turning on the floodlights at a secret dogging spot, all the dirty little secrets exposed for the world to see and confirm suspicions about who were spread-eagled over the bonnets with what.

Why? Well as FDR remarked nothing accidental happens in politics.

So let us pull together some more unrelated happenings into the self fulfilling prophecy.

DL the following contains turkey bark; don’t be getting any wood now. Close your eyes and venture no further, go back, no…don’t, you’ll only feel dirty later.

Soros, Deripasky, Adelson and now it begins to make some sense that totally barking suggestion that the HK$ would become the global currency replacing the US$.

More juxtapositioning of sexual organs coming up.

Now I’m not suggesting that just because the two events were cotemporaneous that there would be a fleet of limos belting down the M40 in the dead of night stacked full of gear , solid gold dildoes and gerbils, but….. well.

With Gold hitting close to $1200 this week that could explain the price spike and gold shortage. It’s not shorting that’s caused the volatility it’s the fact the market knows some of the metal is forever debased knowing which orifices it has been inspecting. Would you take delivery in the future knowing where it could have been? No amount of remelting will get rid of that level of impurity!!!!

It is all interconnected, every last bit CHiComms, casinos, Rothschilds, HMG minisiters, oligarchs, strap on deviancy, and the rewards for helping keep up the smoke and mirrors job are fantastic if you take the pain of selling yourself out completely.

Watching the useless GGT telling us all about how terrible the child stealing market is in ChiComm land where the one child policy means a human trafficking in small boys is rampant. I couldn’t but help ask “Well you Fabian/Tavistock muppets who foisted the whole Malthusian/NaZoviet mess on the Chinese people in the first place?”

The unsane loons are intent on leaving us with nothing more than a de-industrialised serf’s economy where unreality and rabid beliefs rule the human existence and poverty stricken experience.

When I read through this drivel I noted that not a single word was uttered about the prime feature of our global political economy. IT IS RUN BY CRIMINALS FOR CRIMINALS. Criminals do not care about you or your family. So the subtext of all this crap is prepare to be poor, die younger, remain stupid, become physically stunted and if you do get a job you’d better be prepared to believe whatever you are told to believe. I almost died laughing at its total irrelevance and vacuity. In fact the last time I laughed so much was when I was being lectured on the subject of business ethics.

Bwaa hahahahahahaaaaaa.

Heads up.


  1. Bwaaaa right enough. The exposure of UEA's falsehoods is an irritant on the final touches to the completion of global social engineering though.

    Never mind, the politicians will just ignore it and hope it goes away...

  2. SR as always in their hubris they forgot one thing.

    The cost may be high but we don't have to play along.

    Never in the field of human struggle has so much violence and carnage been wrought by so few on so many.

    Vengence is a dish best served piping hot!!!


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