Sunday 15 November 2009

Back to the Future.

Remember what I was saying about maps recently.

Who gets to see them?

The old ones. The ones to come, which may or may not look too different from the old maps.

Remember I was also banging on about “Why is Spain suddenly a financial hot spot?”. Buying up USofA banks and roads. Buying up UK plc Banks, and this week “merging” with British Airways.

I have speculated that someone or something is getting Latin America groomed for a big role yet to come.

Well I’m glad it’s not just me. A banking mate of mine has been having the same thoughts.

Another little snippet to add to this outpouring is “What if all the battles that involved the transfer of Islands in the Caribbean between Spanish, Dutch, French, English etc. were really just the bailiffs turning up?”.

Got that idea?

With this in mind I point you to the map below. Norte America circa 1825AD.

Now I know the MSM told us last week that the last Habsburg had just died, but if you believe that you’ll believe anything?

How about the lovely Ron Paul fronting for a return of Habsburg lands under a banner that totally occludes that agenda from the average USofA voter?

Just to really kick it, how about sovereign ChiComm territory in the Grand Banks area “suddenly” turning up?

Funnier things have happened.

When you’ve no money your reality is created by others.

Heads up.


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