Tuesday 26 November 2019

Wassabiwretching in a Servile Economy(HaremHarvardeconomidiptheorystylee)

SNAFU!: More on British Armed Forces chaos...: via Express.uk The Royal Navy are said to be furious over the decision to lease out one of the two flagship Queen Elizabeth class aircraf...

When one casts a steeldeadstilly gaze over the current deliberate turmoil that excellence in leadership has afflicted upon the world, a little background noise can sometimes cancel out the Palmerstonianpalistinian infectons drifting like great aerosol plagues through the iGREENphononisphere from which we are forced to GREENhale quanthexa by a talpiot force iron fisted lung. Expiration as infiltration of filth.

Many, EMJ et al, have noted that the unbelievable amount of ultrafanny and hyperschlong parked out on the ausphart since it first excreted all over our VDvectorUs makes for a societal background of utter degeneracy. I mean what type of person, when asked by the head in a bucket all inclusive san Fernando valley gamete spermatozoon testtubetrash nothinganalogpeadogogue, “what do you want to iB when you grow up little Thingie?” replies at the age of 6 postinceptioncoop,.. “ ...ohwellcismissfluidexophreek I want to have as much septic manoil pumped into as many bodycavities as possible, all naked all day, with a glorious sepiaarsephannybatter schmeer on the lens all artisticstylee, phramed and setup in deathculticcontrabari innitasyouaks..”..

Well sorry EMJ et al, that is genetic and no amount arsebark from the butcher shepherd is going to change that despite the glorious Latin framing. When all you have done is wander around in your mobile schtetl causing trouble twixt cities for hundreds of generations using brigandage, blackmailingcockweaponry and fannytraps, you have gone full Darwin selected, as Robert Downey Jr would say.

So let’s have a little summary of the situation before the corrective.

Unending publishing of fake notes from the ersatz sound garden under mobileschtetlagentownership has resulted in unending porn, unending slavery, unending prinzperps as panto royalty, +1s and courtiers. Unending dead persons, unending semitic barbarity, misogyny, slavery, whining supremacy and camelspunkpunkjockey privilege. Don’t worry Khazarikhaants you lot are even worse so phaak off and butler elsewhere, we are checking out your elder brothers here, not everything revolves around your sponsored fakery and fakiry, and all the while every clown that got parked by the so called rocketsledparaplegictestdummy equivalents of voters in the khazisewers called the West voted to hold office arearse licking protoplasm failures, all and every time, as if they were starring in their own ladybodybuilderstuntclit shots, staringtumescent with permapharma induced encephallusy.

I am sure that the modern equivalent of all the well fed ancient temple whores that cut their own genitalia off to get on the charabanc gravy train would love to glue themselves together into one great big trimaran to waft the crazyeyedgreengobblingoddess of fakedeventrealism to her blessed epicurean delights afloat on the blood of everyone else. If there is infinite money to build Fartender boozer, houses and homes and leave millions dying on the streets then surely there is enough hatred left over to take the fake lives of all who spend their arseholed movements as a faked colostodefectivememes and commies? The world is awash with dollars and no one has a brass farthing to rub against a dime.

To steal a paraphrase, the greatest trick the dee’il ever played on us was to convoy our humanity.

Britain, where a Donmeh Turk and a spampain socialist fake it all before a rabid hung parliament gets installed, Weimerstylee, an ersatz UKaboaudience that has been groomed to believe it is an electorate and these goateeclones are serious, is the supreme example of what the earth will be remade in to. All of the retards gob in the faesces of the dungyhead and chant their remodelling as everything less than they could be.

This is when the universe goes out.


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