Thursday 28 November 2019

Soros' apprenticeship,,,,

SNAFU!: Never was a Marine division in greater danger of b...: 27 November 1950 - Chosin⁠ ⁠ Never was a Marine division in greater danger of being cut to pieces. The 9th Chinese Army Group hurled over ...

Imagine designer failure or repetitive fukkwittery. Compare and contrast Peterloo and Petrograd.

Imagine inverting all of the passed 80 years little big points and flashfarts of history.

Imagine that the USdeepstate went in to aufklarung after the fact of having the Magyid piss taken out of them. All the R&D sites that employed the jewish chemists/technicians under SS watch to NSDAP contract to US contracts from London are under Soviet lock and key after 1945. So go have a peek at last at what the mercury Unterzeeboots were delivering to augment the farflung overpolar flights and Altai hops. And then BigMac was no longer in the park. Contend me this.

Chosin. Chinks have nukes, Yanks don’t. Blamo and Hungnam goes radioactive again.

Imagine 1974 and the MWEC embargo. Saudis have nukes, Scotland doesn’t. Gorbals get levelled again.

Imagine 2001 and the twin towers in Tel Aviv get taken down by Basque separatist banksterbitchboys……ooops……that is in the future.

I don’t think that history can furnish us with a collection of phukkwitretards to beat the clowns here in the west. The quicker they are removed the better.

Imagine going backwards in technical capability and freedom, only in the NATOharem, soon to be held hostage and farmed for tribute by stoneagenukechuckers.

………….the answer, as planned, being importation of people, resources, finished weapons and approach from South America.


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