Sunday, 22 December 2019

Timeline playthings......

…..You gotta love “roguetechie”

I don’t want to get you down but the whole schmeer since the war criminal COMINATERNgang went universal non-vergangenheitsbewältigung armee privee JOHNCostylee and blew our peace dividend on grave diggers has come to an end. What kind of hyper muppets borrow money to massacre wealth and print corpses? Which bit of intellectual property cull doesn’t the current crop of BeauBrummellskinwalkers not get?

Warkriminal has now been so normalised that the wankstator sheerpins have bled out, the great wankpark has coagulated such that the audience is the wanker, to mismash McLuhan.
Go on then, argue me this. By now the Microsoft wheel would be a brick. The Arsebook arch would be a death trap lintel. A Youpube well would be poisoned. Any takers? All and every leader can now be taken away by the Exquisitor and never be missed from time.

I love this guy, who ever s/he is.
“"Future rail guns".... Lmao...
You do know rail guns have been "5-10 years away from the first practical battlefield usable systems" since shortly after World war 1 right?
It's true, modern mechanix magazine was touting them all the way back to the early interwar period with the same 5-10 years away bullshit moronic defense writers still spout now.
Railguns are the hot fusion of the defense world in that respect
What is even more pathetic though is that the relevant people in the Pentagon are perfectly aware of this as well as I am, they zeroed out funding from an actually GOOD program to piss away more money on railgun fraud, the project they killed in this case would have been ready in time to actually go into the burkes, and it would actually have been a boon to other emerging technologies being worked on now.
In the past the utter stupidity waste fraud abuse and uselessness of our DOD's development and fielding initiatives was something we could laugh at because frankly we were not only miles ahead of everyone else technologically but also had precisely zero potential foes that could hope to match the weight of steel and bodies we could deploy anywhere on earth even deep in their home turf.
This isn't the case anymore and the DDG-1000/defunding viable approaches to fuck with railgun bullshit thing may have been a very costly if not fatal mistake in light of how crucial everything they represent is to actually holding onto the Pacific Ocean, especially without bloodshed.
Heads need to roll for this shit, they won't of course... But they need to because the consequences of business as usual this time could be horrifying.
That's not a good interim solution either because it completely fails to actually do anything but allow the stupidity to continue on.
The railgun programs that stole and are still soaking money away from actual workable better approaches as well as necessary ammunition development need to get chopped hard and fast and the other development path spun up with serious urgency.

 That's what needs to happen. Fuck the 3 existing shitty ships with useless guns asinine and bespoke ammo too rare to use and any real attempts to make the shitshows viable. That's good money after bad.
No. That's not what happened.
serious fraud (fraud is a synonym for railgun btw) happened which stole the money from programs that would have actually been ready on time or close to it

SNAFU!: DDG-1000 guns to remain inoperable into the future...: Report to Congress (Dec 17) | DDG-1000 program 1. Guns "Following an evaluation of five other munition options, the Navy determined t...

GE/LM/BAe, bringing expensive rubbish to your death 6Sigmacoconutshystylee.

This reminds me of all the “holidays” UKplc called a century after it started to de-intelligence. Washington’s cherry trees came to mind. Cruiser displacement limits and best of all, the ten year holiday in fast jet development to allow the Soviets to absorb our gift of the best gas turbine tech in the world so they could be a fit opponent when London Zentral decided to bring the circus to town. Don’t be thinking I’m all anti red head here. The $slaves got handed everything £geezers in huts hammered together, whilst the £geezers in huts got unemployed and a health service that was just a cover to infiltrate skull cracker families fromm from the USSR on the run.

Prepping the enemy is kind of like wot Schacht did for Germany on behalf of his mate Strong. Once one looks at all the poor designs, engineered through deliberate fake money rationing via BoEperps, of basic infantry weapons, tanks, fighters, cruisers, battleships and sundry other items of rationed trouble making within Empire, the realisation of armed conflict stirring as mission directive, not peace, ever, ever, ever; the idea of all the dead people, and forget the peace in Poland 1939 if Germany went back on the gold standard and re-established the Masonic halls bollox, strewn across Europe for ceremony and worship with a, from mid ’42, gigantic pinch raid race with a Dick Dastardly twist makes absolute sense.

It must really have pissed off the clowns that fabricated all the “retarding ordinary persons from the 1960s onwards” rubbish, detritus so beautifully captured in the ersatzfaction Once Upon A Time in Lalaland recently, time wasting temporal fakiry that came out of university stinkholes and skanktanks, clearly that by 1980 it was not working as prescribed general anaestheticstylee. Too many ordinary people had whiffed the great big royal Talmud gas rat in every rule. Ever looked hard at quality systems and sigmashite in a service economy? Despite making sure that everyone was unemployed and that all the pension money was approved stolen, Maxwell anyone?, still no one was buying the propaganda and hard shagging advice for vice. Some thing else had to be done and lo it was. Everyone is now a perp.

So prepping the enemy. Where is the SinoTalmud breeding mare ranch? Where is the ChiCommarea 51? Where does the Quadrilateral committee meet? Is the Moon to be the new Switzerland and if so where is the BIS, BES?, going to get parked?

So let’s put this full spectrum brutal.

You aren’t going to survive anywhere if all you can conceive is manoil and quimjuice anointing your grave.

All you’ve done is make the fallow yard loam rich for the Stone Age Messiah. BWHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA

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