Friday, 6 December 2019

Now then, now then, female subject…..

…and male subject defencelessimmatures what do you reckon is in store for you in the Royalredrothparks of cissterdom?

As the rent boy Churchill would remark, sorry for letting my free will butcher the mangled quotation, “….your given view of Russia is a mystery wrapped in an enigma, secreted in obscurity protected by a toxic cloak of lies by people not of your land” oh UKabos. “We want Russia to be like you retards, UKabo, too stupid to think. All action reflexPavlovianstylee”……. “Chuckle chuckle schlurp, burp…belch.”  Eventually though all flesh goes the way of the devil, it is the affliction of freedom from nature, it is our choice after all BWAHAHAAHAAHAAAAAA.

The only difference between the Slavs and the current UKabos is that UKaboland has been stolen by thief imposters importing satrap pet psychopathicracistsupremacists and Russia is still in the possession of those who built on their land despite being subjected to full spectrum invasion for centuries. I’m sorry UKabo but the equivalent persons in UKabo land got wiped out around 1900 years ago by the trannyshekelgoosesteppers, hence the poverty of UKabo memory compared to such advanced tribes like the Kalahari bushmen who had to wait over 1000years further for the glory of the godlessextinctionmoneyworshippers disguised as Godtroopers to turn up.. Only the Irishabo can, in so many ways, be equated with the RUSabo.


The Orthodox Nationalist: The October Revolution Part I – TON 112719
The Orthodox Nationalist: The October Revolution Part II – TON 120419

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