Thursday 28 November 2019

The Russian Revolution and its Consequences - Dr. Matthew Rafael Johnson (Myth20c - Ep148)

bcImagine life as we know it to be an experiment like Camoron used to conduct way back when for the Cultic Insinuation Aura in Canada for Maximal Kulturkampf  Utility. Imagine strapping infranoise engines to your scone all day everyday. Now you know why all is obliviously shit and yet the essence de merde is sooo good to do anything about the dungyming.

Imagine 1920 and Lenin/Trotsky/Stalin, imagine 2010 and Epstein/Maxwell/Weinstein with death squads, machine guns and deathcamps. Now imagine 2100 and fill in the three primitivecovernames running killerbotGULAGS and arseholeintelligenceCHEKA.

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