Monday 4 November 2019

Chimerical notes

One of the great voids in the shitpaste sandwich dished out as wholesome screen fare by the sex criminals in hollywered is the lack of ultrabollox handed to Gibson. The hole in the Swissleschtik. The child traffickers in silverscreengulagpathe can shuv unlimited amounts of money, published by their coreligiistas at the fed, into Talmud tales dripping from the unsteady empty minds of geezers like asumithov, do sheep dream of eclectic intranets fella and assorted wanderingchicksas that don’t count to 7. Not a bareassbrass farthing for snow fall aliens and the Ziondub though. Only through the publishing of tokens are things brought in to being for an apeople who no longer exist.

Now they have gone at it, halfheartedly, but it is on a redacted DeCapprioCIA kind of a way. Like the UKblindpress it is designed to make the no eyed PapriCyclops king.

I know, I know you are wondering “… what the phekk is he banging on about now? Again!!”

Well done tractor statass provisonalpravda schemerschmeer like all the minging Tom Clancyesque hyperstate good guys and LarryBondage whitehatted double penetration tripleagents that couldn’t find a London City financed, Tel Aviv arranged, free range egg in a flying pantheist’s wet dream of Armagegonhardon, populate the diseased gestalt entity that worships at Wal-Mart..

It is not just that we have to realise that, alarmingly, our fellow inhabited carbon based life forms will will themselves to believe anything, it is that they did by an act of will destroy their own souls and make themselves less than bouncer trash out of time.

Foiling bad guys is not the monotony of life, failing as a bad guy is the objective of an aimless fall.

Taken out of context the various teen anxtanime seem to be more predictive and profilactile than all the techobodicerippers like Firefart and a ‘Nam traumatised pilot fannying around with traitors who only wanted to park their talmudarses in spandex and retrain stayin’ alive.

“So they told their Western cousins, “We’re coming over”. “Hold on a minute” the lads in the butt tight disco flares said “you can’t just pitch up”. WTF!!, we need a narrative to keep the story unbroken and the scum in the dark or TPTB will verily fuck us up.”

So what would you have us believe again?

That one drops a big one without prototype. Where’s the Uranium gun device trial before the toasting of slant eyes?

That one sends a technical advisory to GE, P&W, RR, ABB et al detailing that all the $Gazzillions and Quadrillions of manhours spent researching combustion was a waste of time. Simply sling a load of refined hydrocarbons randomly into a void with bogroll, printers and human meat to achieve unbelievable stoichiometry. Where’s the trial involving tall buildings?

The answer to both questions is hidden in gunfire and sniper. Pomeranya and Chechnya.

These and other questionswers, like how many Patents pending and Nobel prizes awarded to the hermitic families, are never the fare in this intercourse. The continuity of oligarchy demands that stupid events of fractal complexity be rolled out regularly onto the HAS by the simplest of complex life forms. Even the herd does not realise that it is farmed by amoeba in its own fiascofaeces.

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