Wednesday 13 November 2019

SNAFU!: Donbass has been officially ceded to Russia...Puti...

SNAFU!: Donbass has been officially ceded to Russia...Puti...: via Yahoo News. Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed on Monday that Ukraine should give its separa...

So 120 years after the Commiecreeps were plotting to leverage the Donbass out of the Russian's hands the EU Trojan horse heaves in to view.

Well just as the plan to kill everyone east of Hamburg required the revivification of the Germans in the 1930s otherwise the RussianSoviets would have occupied Hamburg in 1939 and UKplc Rothdeerparc Inc would be over, so the Nowplan requires a stronger Russia going in to NWO2030.

Whatever is coming will be WW2 scaled up massively. Expect complete lock down and rationing for all Roth5eyes. Expect space wars and moon bases. Expect no Glen Miller/Riders of Rohan/Polish Cavalry this time EMJ.

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