Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Morgoth's Review: My General Election Dilemma

Morgoth's Review: My General Election Dilemma: My thought's on the truly abysmal state of British politics and the upcoming election.....

Morgoth is not focussed on what has happened here this passed 200 years. What is coming is a tailored face peel. The pirate base needs facepaint for the new Corsair Malthusian Empire. Depending on where the discrete nukes are popped, that’s phaseoutneutron to you, the face here will be either black male for blackmail or weirdtintbint for the mulattomutilation. Either way the pirate ship will be commanded by the most diverse inclusive range of psychopathicperps ever assembled.

Visigothbollox and Wastebin are going to get swept away right after the polls are closed.

No one in this Tortugasugashithole loves anything but dearth, theft and lying, it is epigenetic.

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