Monday, 2 December 2019


As I was wandering down the murder brook early Sat morning, every ten years, on average, a stiff is found floating there, or tucked into a suitcase, or throat slit and slit violated, I happened upon a jotter on a public bench.

As an aside, this is an area where our Donmeh Turk Wassabibitch turned up not long ago in his role as London CO2nzentrationzlaaager Kapo to proclaim a pscyclopath opened. The program infested area has seen innerLondon whitedrugdrunkards polluting the atmos for years on the benches only to find themselves classcleared by imported supremacists who don’t want to see loudmouthed rehabbed freaks shouting at them as they jog past on the iKlaars. Oh no, imported krimfamilies do not like UKabos. So the brook has been leibensraumed for dormer piratical fanatical breeding weapons.

So there was the jotter, dampened by being left forgotten over night. The paperien bitte proclaimed the ownership to be ethnically exIndus.

It declaimed “German History 1880-1940”.

Ah yes.

“Our cover story on how we stole all the gear from a bunch of hard workers who didn’t want to fall for the schtikk we peddle here in the continuity of oligarchy pirateshipshithouse 1880-1940”.

We are always the lethal victim whorkhouse full of willing perpic jaffas.

Now don’t be getting all expectorant. I don’t think that the reality bubble here can ever be prejudiced pierced, it has accreted like an all inclusive bigshitpearl over centuries, so one cannot but fail to wonder at just how many millions there are around the whorld who will export themselves for a slice of the failed post space age state in order to send their remaindered relatives to the stone age again. “Come to UKplc and gas the old country” sounds like a Verheoven movie.

PM Callaghan identified the malaise when he remarked about managed decline, he just didn’t get the scale correct. When the new UKabos are stuck in their late 21st century midden trying to get a bit of heat from their UN compliant humancorpsedungburning heater, constantly checking their six lest a UNcorporate termination drone turns up to put their lights out, search for “PARSLEY” on this wordmanglingmouldmound, they will be D noticed about the contrabari engined pleasure yachts taking off from Sandringham and other secret Rothparks infesting the wold. One spaceroyalyacht will be named HMS Epstein I wouldn’t wonder.


This is not fiction, it is what happens, it is a trending when a load of prancing Beau Brummel football turds get to poof around like powdered bewigged goons with more money in their bank accounts than all of the UKabo working class ever had in all their existence. So welcome to UKplc exoKrims, you to will soon be retarded.

BTW talking of that camo’dTorybot, if you swing over to Greencrow’s shop, , you’ll see a great photo of the red/white checker black/white checker book ending the expendables. When the BorCor phoenofarce is over you will get imported krimfamily leaders to shut the place down and spread the freedom to be killed for no reason globally.

UKabos the gift that keeps on killing.

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