Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Cyber skunk in the weeds...

Somethings you know, something you don’t know and some things you can remain blissfully ignorant of, to misquote the geezer who reckoned that trillions were missing from the US violence dishing dept just before someone in Arabia Felix pulled the trigger on some buildings. Whatever it is that you are fed to know, like bloatedignorancegeese, it is diseased.

I’d like you to consider the historical limitations of an operational Mancunian Candidate versus the imperative of a strategy that breeds unknowing Candidates. I don’t mean the full Sirhan or even the suspected rat caged London Bridge strollers. I mean geezers wot got managed in a wide stadium.

If, and I think Quigley states this fact, there was a meeting where the geezers from The Big Room met and decided that the western part of the roman empire was to be let go then the whole of European history is simply a weed filled space awanting the gatherner.

So when one hears too many sqwauking about the good old days when the Abos were Kings there, it is useful to reverse the lens and consider if there was a really long player getting the agent orange and glycophosphate delivery systems ready as porn made reality. Look at any San Fernando product and simply put it in the EuRoyal bedchambers for 1500 years.

If one looks at Banjo Billy and his stupid moustache I think one sees a more sophisticated, older model, hands off type of Mancunian than the close work trigger candidates that park high velocity pharmacy into your twitching body. One is cultured in vats of national scale the other needs lab test tube work to tincture just in time.

Putting it simple, there is no way that the manufactured destruction of the Teutons took from 1840-1940 to orchestrate. To assemble the full spectrum hands off sabotage characters needed hundreds of years of NPC cock warfare until the surrounding field of flesh could be actuated, FrankensteinFrankenfurterstylee, and switched on to matrix the animated replicant space. Unknowing Scalable Supremacy comes from the end of warm cocks. The Queen of Sheba knew that.

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  1. Glad you are still going.

  2. you know I was just wondering about the strangley dressed faux gynogypsyo, it is the time of the year after all...all the zeez "So did Ewan's daughter Kirsty MacColl fake her death in 2000? I don't know, but there are biganomalies. To start with, she had recently stated in print that she was ready to give up her music careerand become an English teacher in South America. That is rather specific isn't it? She does everythingbut give you an address. Why not just retire and live in the UK? I guess she felt she was too famous tolive comfortably there. Which would explain a faked death. We also have the fact that that she died in2000, after releasing the album Tropical Brainstorm. Curious title, since she died in the tropics. Wasthe refered-to brainstorm the idea of how to fake the death? But the biggest clue is that she wasallegedly hit by a boat. Onboard that boat was Mexican billionaire Guillermo Gonzalez. My guess ishe can be tied to the MacColls somehow, although I am not really interested in pursuing it. In otherwords, he may have been in on the hoax. Why do I say that? One, it is curious that the personallegedly responsible for her death was powerful enough to bribe everyone in the area. I will be told,“Yes, and that is how he dodged responsibility”. But it works both ways, since if the event is coveredup, it is covered up in both directions. It would also cover a faked death. Two, no one was really heldaccountable, since even the driver of the boat dodged all responsibility. He paid a small fine in lieu ofjail time, and we may assume that was paid by the billionaire. So MacColl was fortuitously “killed”with no inconvenience to anyone. But in a real event, the owner of the boat would also have been aresponsible party, and even if he was not driving he would not have been able to shift all the blame tohis driver. Three, the accident occurred in a famous designated diving area in Cozumel. Yet we aresupposed to believe Gonzalez and his experienced boathand didn't know the area and couldn't see themarkers, despite going there for years? Four, mysteriously this billionaire was never sued in civilcourt by MacColl's family for negligent homicide or anything else, although the case would have beena slamdunk. In a real event, Gonzalez would have paid them millions out-of-court to drop the case.Instead, they hired attorneys to launch a Justice for Kirsty campaign, in which they asked for judicialreview of the case. Why not file a lawsuit first? They then went to the BBC and had a documentarymade called Who Killed Kirsty MacColl? That simply served to sell the event as real. Why not file alawsuit first? I will be told it is because civil suits are more difficult to pursue in Mexico. True, but theMacColls didn't even file. If you wish to study this further, I recommend looking for links betweenMacColl and Gonzalez. Then look where Kirsty's children were after that. Did they go to SouthAmerica?"


    I do like to watch a Mancunian Khuuntidate at work, the trigger not the munition, on the Herd Attention Space.

    8 trillions, which is not a million 6 millions, to kill people. Using the contracting methods favoured by UKbuinesspersons to build stadia, Wembley, or ruin health services, NHS, then the breakdown looks like this. 7 trillions skimmed off immediately into a deep debt escrot in the RothfirebaseTelAviv leibenraumranch compound. The remaining 1 trillion fed at trickle down rates to perps and the kidnap gangs over decades. Leveraging the 7 at 100 to 1 ratio to blow the system.

    As an aside, I do like the inability of the big brains to get their heads round the idea of debt as holocaust. Break away civilisations do not need money, so screw the missing 21 trillions. It never existed so it can burn in hell once the real things are all captured. The breakaway civilisation pre dates any and all “civilisations” you will ever read about in history books, alt or not alt. BWAHAHHAAHAHAAAAA.


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