Monday, 23 December 2019

Ohhh noohzzz….

The Irish Savant: Globohomo exquisitely shoots self in foot again: I'm of an age whereby I can remember when the appearance of a black player on a football team was a rarity. And a cause for outrage...

…what a plague of aerosol arsehole powdered pouphsis drifting around the sun kings’ doivid chamber!!!

Back when I was a lad we’d get threatened with “lynching by the Covenanters” when wandering around shopping, great days waiting for a corporation double decker via Cathcart, and our team got paid fuck all for kicking around a bladder in the mud. On our side we’d be ready to dish out the berretboys threat for home visitsoldNHStylee. Happy days when everyone had no cash and the country had a future, before the BIS T100s got local power.

These days racist retardowankers with ersatzegoinflato syndrome, a locker room contagion by proxy, get truck loads of free money handed to them for doing fuckall in a display of antiUKabo oligarchypoweredwhorehouse/courthouse media cum harem.

Foosballs. A racist apartheid institutionally discriminatory circus chock full of chekacadidainfested mancunian candidates……if we give Darwin his head here, all we need to do is wait a few generations of stock inbreeding for the kinetic sphere queuing motorslaving reflex to manifest completely in the overspecialised kickers and the dollar bill sniffing ladyboycrack taste glands to swell for numberworshipping keepers and just arrange a kick about near cliffs on Palambangstrasse, in fact the smart voucher deprived 21st century AD Dickensiantype UKabo should be able to arrange day trips for the mongs fatherJackwheelchairstylee to tall buildings and watch them fall within their own footprint. BWAHAHAHAAAAA.

What is needed now is a small slice of the fake cash, say 1% of Everton’s current money laundering open field shed scheme, from the voucher printing house anteed to a Trotsky cell or CHEKA re-enactment society where no one is sent home, everyone gets an all inclusive free ticket Katynstylee and the bill sent to their relies rainbowstylee.

OFM. Bread and circumcision maximus. BWAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA


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