Friday, 8 January 2010

T+100 let us all go to Phantasy Island.

H/T Fausty.

Since we’ve dived in let’s see what another of our Island guests think about it all.

I love this bit

Moreover this documented evidence DIRECTLY IMPLICATES, in addition to Wanta, the following operatives frequently mentioned in these reports, who must now be concerned, if they have not been arrested, that they will face the consequences of their sabotage behaviour under the NEW POLICY at the Department of Justice – and given the supremacy, with its diplomatic immunity, of INTERPOL:

--former President Bush Sr.,

--Henry M. Paulson Jr. (held in Bermuda, according to our own published information),

--former President Clinton,

--Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,

--the US Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner,

--Leon Panetta (CIA DCI),

--the former Fed Chairman Dr Alan Greenspan,

--Rahm Emanuel (Obama’s Chief of Staff, who hopes to ‘escape’ as prospective Mayor of Chicago),

--and the DVD’s leading banker, Dr Joseph Ackermann.....”

I bet you didn’t know that the Island News Corp reported that Bush Senior and Barbara Bush were knee deep in the Fort Hood shootings trying to get financial instruments back into their possession, did you?

What I find interesting is that little Timmy Geithner is in the frame. Little Timmy, I was brought up in SE Asia and somehow by pure graft and mental horsepower got to the top spot, Geithner, nothing to do with my being needed at a time and place. Nothing to do with my SE Asia contacts and trying recently to get lucre out of the Dragons and or still their righteous hand. Oh no of course not.

So he’s in the frame. Why? Well all these guys have a demolition charge fitted so that they don’t go rogue and embarrass their masters, but also to get rid of them when they are no longer useful. I‘ll bet little monkey worshipper failed in his mission. His masters know all about the AIG stuff they made him do it. Anyone know who else has a monkey in his pants? Someone else who spent part of his childhood in SE Asia? Someone who’s matrial lineage was knee deep in SE Asia finance?

Off Island two blogs have been vaped in the past couple of days.

The ZionistGoldReport taken out yesterday.

The Good Guys Will Win HA on Tuesday.

Why do I mention this?

Well ZGR would have cleared too much of the fog of war on this story having read what has been posted in the past there. ZGR wrote too much about who was in China and when, and doing what. ZGR did not mince words when it came to Goldman Sux.

TGGWW HA has been sticking her beak into SE Asia much too thoroughly, keeping tabs on who was where, with whom and when, from Philippines through Indonesia and Malaysia. Pulling what many would assume were unrelated threads into a coherent narrative.

These are just two that I know of off Island and yet the Island News Corp trundle away completely unmolested.

Smells like COINTELPRO. But I will concede thay are a bloody good read. Caveat, there must always be a grain of truth in there somewhere, that’s the rules, otherwise they’ll get their piss take license revoked.

So it is T+100, 100 days since the Fed went bankrupt according to solid Island News Corp sources.

What shit have the monkey worshippers Soetoro and Geithner got us in now?

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