Monday, 4 January 2010


Here’s a map.

Now from what I gather the lads were causing trouble in their neck of the woods. The locals got fed up with the dissin’ and kicked it up the chain of command for a solution.

The boss in Babylon decided to yank ‘em out of the homeboy turf to give his serfs a break. And so Judah arrived to sing some songs.

I have read that in the literature of the pre Babylonian Judah there were no references to angels. They apparently picked that idea up whilst held captive. I also have read that the captives may have been able to reassess the stories purged by monotheistic belief concerning the most ancient legends of the four rivers.

However I wonder what else did they come across? Or rediscover?

Judah was the decedents of the Nile Delta dwellers during Hyksos times, Joseph and his coat. Babylon would have been in contact with Hyksos and Mycenae way back then; the routes were old and the trade occult, and they were all Indo-European?

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