Thursday, 14 January 2010

Soros, Buffett, Rogers. How Much Wealth? Part 2

How much gold in the world?

About 160,000 tons of gold has been retrieved in ALL human history. Enough to fill around two Olympic sized swimming pools.

Why is it precious?

Well the guys above tell us it is so. The High Priesthood. What characteristics of the High Priesthood/religious guru do they manifest? Well they go where they want. Just you try tooling up somewhere and saying “This is a nice gaff, I’ll park myself here”. You will not.

These guys though are high adepts at spouting the current (ancient) religious mantras. Do they do this as a hobby or to satisfy some sort of inner gold bug? They do it because they are trapped in an age old meme, but they like it.

Where is the gold?

It is stored in facilities like this one. 3660sq ft, that’s cool, quite literally. I’ll bet it is warm, well lit, dry, free from parasites and pathogens, guarded 24/7, cost a fortune to build and no one lives there. If you cannot quite visualise what this looks like here’s another one to look at... Luverly, oh to be a gold bar cosseted and loved for ever and ever. Amenhotep.

Have you ever been in a gold vault? Have you ever touched a gold ingot? How do you know they exist? Tungsten? Can you tell the difference? No you have to take the fact at second and third hand. It could be Toblerone for all we know. If they could stage the moon landings, some say, how easy is it to stage a gold vault.

I’ll bet there isn’t a drop in these places. I’ll bet the priesthood don’t want you getting anywhere near the real gold. We are taking part in a massive programme to retrieve ALL the gold into one place, that’s what commerce is all about. Commerce is the agreed mechanism by which to reunite all the gold in one place. This view answers some glaring questions that we never get round to asking.

Questions like?

Well if I were a finance minister in a liberal democracy how could I possibly get up every morning and talk utter drivel about ratings, Fitch etc, interest rates, LIBOR etc., exchange rates, Yen Carry trade, and commodities, if I knew it was all a confidence trick, designed to steal wealth over the generations, called fractional reserve banking? Could you? And if I didn’t know the secrets of fractional reserve banking how come I’m a finance minister?

All the while the meme is working steadily to channel all the gold into one place year after year, generation after generation, century after century.

These market adepts are tasked with keeping us busy eating our tails, consuming our lives and stealing our progeny. However if we asked them or tasked them the truth they would not doubt reply along the lines of

“What can you achieve little man? What can you do? Can you change anything in your life or the lives of others? Can you effect change? Can you help? I can do that and more, whether I choose to or not is my decision. I command massive wealth, what do you command? I move markets. What do you move? I destroy peoples. What do you create? I believe that I am successful by any measure. What do you measure?”

These adepts realise that belief is critical to outcome. They are rich because they believe they should be rich. They have no doubt, they know that generation after generation their work will continue and that only a totally soft headed Chrétien could possibly loose the game for them.

Their god has made them rich, that’s all the proof they need. It is OBVIOUS little man.

We in the West are too young to know this. We only sprang forth within the last 250 years. What do they know that we generally do not?

What do they look back to?

I’ll get that out sharpish in Part 3.

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