Tuesday 19 January 2010

How Much Wealth? Part 6

From the drizzling of the previous instalments you’ve got the idea that I think the quest for gold is a meme implanted in humanity. It is not a natural general human aspiration; there are other “stores” of value. Family. Crops. Animal husbandry. Purple dye manufacture.

The whole thing has the whiff of fractional reserve banking about it. Massive propaganda to support the edifice, huge institutions to give it some real presence, priests and shaman to follow and adore, but look closely and it is all about unquestioning ignorance.

Surely the guys that sit in the BIG room puffing on the fat cigars and drinking the elixir cannot believe anything that their minions believe, that goes for the “secret PTB”, guys we all know about like Rock/Roth and the 300. If they believed what their Roc/Roth minions believed that would be counter ritual and destroy the occult power structure.

So what do they believe and what do they want the gold for? What kind of human society supports these eternal beliefs? I.e. what changes are enacted within human intercourse to keep the gold drive going as Human numbers increase and the water table of knowledge actually rises?

When there wre no more than a few thousands of humans on the planet spread over many continents where was the BIG room then?

If there was a BIG room it needed to be somewhere quiet, pleasant and abundant. Somewhere that allowed easy access to nautical or riverine movement. Ethiopian Highlands sounds just about right. Any other contenders? Kurdistan? Siam? I like Siam but it is just not quiet enough in the time frame I have in mind.

What’s the progression? Sun, moon, food, gold, coinage, paper money, fiat money, no money, credits, green lies, carbon ponzi, new catechism, priesthood.

When and where did fleet law manifest and why? Good discussion on this, amongst other stuff, at the start. Sea voyages to trade would basically look for a beach for us to lay down goods. The natives to would have a couple of days to lay their gear and lay beside gold, only when enough gold had turned up did we scarper pronto. And always the burning of their memory and sacred writings, eventually

9/11 is a SNUFF movie and that is all we need to know to realise that 9/11 was a mob hit.

How much of the new gold went missing on 9/11?

Do you believe? If yes or not you get whacked, you will be exterminated by us.

St Valentine’s Day Massacre. Good old Chicago. NW Uni Weathermen, weathermen. Little extortionists everywhere

If there is one thing that guarantees the terminal solution will not be put into play, though there will be culls out with the control loop, it is the need for worship, worship by all to the very, very few. God they love it. Just like in the good old days.

Those in the West that fear the coming swamping should take heart from the promise that those who go along with the plan are to be the priesthood. Though if you have a little look at what you had to do to become a priest you might gulp. Priesthoods do not need families, they do not need issue, and they serve only the interests of the meme.

That’s the plan for the future. No circuses, no bread, just ceremony and ritual.

That still leaves the question. GOLD what is it good for?

I know what the green is for, it is to kill freedom.


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