Thursday 7 January 2010

Silent thievery.

Life unfolds like an old B&W silent movie.

There is no colour just action. There is no sound just your undivided attention.

You can see the thieves stealing everything behind Charlie Caplin’s back, but you cannot hear. You are trapped by the sight of Buster Keaton and cannot utter a word.

Why would real life be like that?

Why would all the change rhetoric be swallowed by us when we know at some level this is cover for theft of a service constructed and paid for by the ordinary person? It has been stolen by private globalised interests and the professionals at the top know that but have been bought of, again.

Why can a nation that allows licensed thieves to predate on motorists not understand that the same people who got those statutes passed in a rotten parliament are the sponsors of war criminals stalking the globe? Getting tagged with a parking fine is minor compared to getting tagged with white phosphorous.

Freud and Bernaise have been lauded and applauded for their “mind” work. However if you look closely at their work they are all “eyes”. Nothing to do with the mind at all.

The MSM have been instructed in using our weakness, our new eyes, to stop our thinking. I do not believe that this is accidental. What are the eyes? Are they brain or not? Do they merely help our stopped brain’s life-support system find the slow motion food on our static world? Or are they a way of swamping the mind with unreality so that reality can never be experienced?

The trance like state that is induced in people as they watch media has to be a new form of magic. It results in the same outcome; stupefaction and mistaken belief resulting in the theft of life, liberty and spirit.

Someone, somewhere, I suspect, has known this for a long while and takes pleasure in teasing every stopped second from our contrived slow motion lives.


  1. Regan thanked the MSM for keeping quiet, which enabled him to put in place his part of the global wet dream. They're probably bribed and threatened in equal measure.

    Christopher Story was right in at least one respect - Geithner's facing criminal charges, according to Fox

    After reading Story's account and comparing to what Fox is reporting, it's clear that this is just a tip of the iceberg and that these globalists are set to tumble.

    Story reckons its curtains for them. We shall see.

  2. Obama hasn't managed to fuck up the system yet so it's much more likely in America that he's going down with the rest of the globalists, as Fausty says.

  3. Soetoro is not a globalist Spidey, he's a bitchboy. The system is spent. We are now being gently let down. However the strong will release their will. Strong release their money. Money is a behavioural solvent and wherever the solvent has had most effect the trouble will emerge. There is so much money in the world now. Where is the next flashpoint?


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