Wednesday 27 January 2010

How Much Wealth? Part 7

“I have chiefly had men's views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the U.S., in the field of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it." Woodrow Wilson, 1913

I think I‘ve gone as far as can be with the material out here on this question. Though there is something heaving into view that fits my larger time frames.

The philosophy of money. What is the philosophy of money in our world? It is not our philosophy; the philosophy of money is “theirs”.

You know I like gold and its story, does that have anything to do with it?

Yes it does and vehemently no it does not.

“You’ve gone bananas again INCOMING!!!!!!!” I hear you sigh. Hang in there, here goes.

I’ve told you I’m looking for goons in the BIG room; well I know where some of them used to hang out, not in the BIG room but in a sort of outplacement scheme for them to get their philosophy of money off and running. Running and running into the present and into the future.

Their representatives, thousands of years later, are still working hard on the AGW issue. If you think some sort of victory was achieved in Copenhagen when it fell apart you are foolish. They intend to have power over every one of us with no escape. They intend to make us pay for breathing and they’ve got our spineless governments to declare carbon-dioxide, the gas of life, a poison.

That is Soviet doublethink. It is criminal, a scam and racketeering and organised crime. However there is no RICO outside USofA corp and the half baked dump of a pirate ship that is UK plc, which thinks of itself as a developed country, is nothing but a base of operations for the London globalist buccaneers through the cabalistic Carbon Disclosure Project .

The key factor about all this activity is that it is conspiratorial and criminal and secret. For us it is always terminal. Their contempt for us is infinite.

I was looking for some sort of history of the loadstone; I thought I remembered that Peter Jay had talked about the loadstone having been “discovered” in Anatolia about 8000 years ago. So I let it be known I wanted a copy of his Road to Riches book hoping to get the loadstone story. I was mistaken on two counts, there is nothing in the book, and fantastic read though is, about loadstone history. I also reckon I was mistaken about the fact Peter Jay actually talked about the loadstone history, it was well over 10 years ago now.

Whilst reading Jay’s book though I stumbled across this beauty.

David Astle’s The Babylonian Woe.

And so I now know the goons were hiding in the temples of Mesopotamia forging and counterfeiting since at least the year 2500BC. Undermining royal authority and the gods of the cities there. I knew some of this but this book has joined up some of the dots I was staring at in a coherent narrative. Though I have to admit the main focus is on silver, damn!

One thing Astle mentions at the start is the lack of discussion about the philosophy of money and the origins of money in conventional histories on the subject. Well I was reading Jay and that was indeed the case. The philosophy of money is not questioned. No critique.

Here is a great quote from The Babylonian Woe

“Some evidence of the knowledge and previous existence of such practice of issuance of false receipts as against supposed valuables on deposit for safe-keeping clearly exists in the Law No. 7 of the great Hammurabi, which same law was undoubtedly intended as a preventative to this sickness in society, which, even at that day, may very well have been the cancer that destroyed much that has been before.”

What was Hammurabi’s 7th Law?

“If a man buys silver or gold or slave, or slave girl, or ox or sheep or ass or anything else whatsoever from a [free] man’s son or a free man’s slave or has received them for safe custody without witness or contract, that man is a thief: he shall be put to death.”

Some one in the temples of these cities was counterfeiting and had doing so been long before that time. The King had to state that such activity was a capital offence because the issue, no pun intended, was so serious. Deliberate destruction of authority.

Even though there are still no names we can now spot that perhaps as far back as the beginning of the 3rd Millennium BC, Law 7 simply restated earlier laws, the goons from the BIG room may themselves have been secreted in the temples of the cradle of civilization getting their philosophy of money (re)started. 5000 years ago someone is warning us. Telling us that the creators of fancy money, fiat fancy, shiny shilling’s shimmering mirage, and magic credit are our eternal enemy. "Their" purpose is always to destroy and retrieve their spoils.

I do not personally believe that this was a new idea invented by the goons for this purpose, but a continuation of their long established practice that may have needed to take a hiatus. Credit is a very ancient concept, predating “our” philosophy of money exemplified by Sparta’s use of iron tokens and Philadelphia’s issue of money in the 18th century.

Another interesting item raised in the book early on is the dusty people who followed the donkey caravans. Caravans moving between the cities of the plains. These dusty people would not be the goons, no the goons liked hiding doing nothing in the temple, however the dusty people would have been in on the secret and their part in the spread of the goons’ philosophy of money. Kind of like very ancient bonded couriers. However much later I’ll bet some of them got promoted into the temples and the real goons outsourced the”hard” work of destroying civilizations.

As you work through Astle’s book the intimate relationship between war, the latest weapons and their philosophy of money is described in detail. No matter who you are the money will be given to an “other” to take you down. All the while enriching the covert bankers.

Anyone who doesn’t get with "their" programme will always be maneuvered into a conflict with the bankers’ pet barbarian power or subverted by easy money “credit” to ensure that there is no challenge to the world view of the bankers fulfilling their narcissistic role as gods. This is an endless process of “democratization” which is cover for destroying any possible source of opposition to the cabal by any and all means.

The body count throughout history is massive.

Another set of dots I’d been staring at was just how interconnected were the East and West? China? Was it in continuous contact with the West, in the early years that would be the Mediterranean?

We can read that was indeed so, the decrepit Hebrews discovered in the 17th century near Peking, the silk road of the caravans and the invocations of Confucius honoring the peasants’ way above the merchants would lend credence to that idea. Also it would suggest that the Far East was much more resistant to the idea of credit that the West. Throughout the tale we se the movement of precious metals from the West into the Levant. Once emptied the west was allowed to fall into its “Dark Age”. China has never suffered a similar disaster until we turned up and shoved opium down their throats, quickly followed by Marx’s utter foundation bitch boy drivel. All cover for theft and slaughter by the deep cover goons in the BIG room.

This realization again answered another of my unresolved questions. Was there a conduit for secrets accompanying the gold and silver movements?

Just what was Marco Polo up to? Route proving? I don’t believe the history books; they are for the vulgar don’t forget, i.e. us. Specifically I’ve always suspected that a coordinating power took Admiral Zheng He’s maps and handed them over to the other end of Eurasia to exploit, there being big trouble in the Far East. An “act of god”, just like the oracles and temples of Asia Minor and the Helles, shut China up and lo and behold the Iberians are off and running into the vast seas of unexplored emptiness. Yeah.

BTW the whole process might be in reverse today if you replace Zheng He with Apollo. The time frame is roughly similar. Though perhaps we should look to Brazil 2060AD for the chosen society? That to me implies transfer of currently secret Natural Philosophy. What would be termed “black” project tech. today.

One further interesting mapping from Jay to Astle is the creation of religions and religious movements to further the occult credit masters ends. The occult money power suffered a drive to abandon it somewhere in the early Christian era. To address this ascetic movement new religions were required which duly pitched up in the second half of the first millennium which were far worldlier. The centers being Rome, Mecca and Kazaria. This is what “they” are up to right now with their faith based nonsense and earth worshipping green agenda. “They” correctly sense that we are right royally sick of their hoodwinking and theft and might retire into our own philosophies.

What about the gold though? It is all gone.

Just enough to keep the flue going and the engine of avarice killing. Circulation of human beings through the furnace requires only a small amount of the metals. Their philosophy of money is genocidal but in the monstrous construct there lurks the true aim of their ambition I believe.

The retrieval of the worthless precious metals.


Well that would take me into Natural Philosophy and the Philosophy of life itself.

That’s for another day. I’ll need to go way back into legends and paleohistory where all is apparently weirdness to answer any further questions on the three philosophies.

After more that 5000 years in the end there is no golden wealth, there is only food, water, shelter, heat and family.

Everything else is the fuel upon which we all burn in the quest for the sacred, the ritual, and alchemy.

Here’s a great chunk from Astle’s second last chapter, all written before 1993.

Do you recognise Brown, Blair, and Mandelbrot Set et al? I do.

“Amongst other principles of political control by money power, certainly one of the most important of all, used in ancient times, just as much as today, was that which is known as liberalism. . . Liberalism in simplified language meaning that he who hath shall give to him who hath not ; not so much out of proper charity, but so that he who hath not may come to put his foot on the neck of him who (formerly) had, and who now foolishly gives him his own strength . Thus money power, by injecting liberalism along the very arteries of society through those underground channels under its control, made sure that what might be described in the language of today as “Permanent Revolution”, would prevent any power group from having control long enough to see the true source of that which is the power of the ruler, if he is to truly be in the saddle, namely, monetary emission. . . Money Power, then as today, fully understood the necessity towards the continuance of its hegemony, of the promotion amongst the leading families of the states of corrupt persons who took pleasure in destroying their own ; persons basically corrupt who had deeply drunk of the poison of liberalism, persons possessed of the wealth of kings because so pleasing to the central designing force, though at the same time having the natural outlook of the slave... truly strange combination!

One such family identified in ancient times with the promotion of liberalism and its attendant sister, welfarism, both equally beneficial to money power, was that Athenian family known as the Alkmeonidae, who, although suspected at the time of the Battle of Marathon (490 B.C.) as being the source of the heliograph that sent information across the bay of Marathon to the Persian commanders,(9) strangely enough continued to maintain power and place at Athens . Equally strange had been the awarding of the contract for the rebuilding of the Temple at Delphi after it had been burned down (548 B.C.), to this same family in exile from Athens .

As previously surmised, International Money Power above all must have sought control of the great temples and oracles . Delphi was such, and the oracle at Delphi was highly regarded over the ancient world . The building of a major temple was a gift which must have been arranged by those interests who were best of all served by the family policies of the Alkmeonidae . It might safely be said that if this same family had been rejected by Athens, the gift came from that financial force whose favour they had clearly enjoyed from generation to generation : namely the money power that guided the policies of the Achaemenid Rulers of Persia and Babylonia. . .

Pericles, scion of this notorious family, while being the front man for those forces driving Athens into war with Sparta, was the instigator of the Donatives and later, of theorica,(10) outstandingly undermining factor to Athenian self-esteem and national morale . Theorica allowed two oboli per person to the lessee of the Oratorium(11) and thus two corrupt purposes were served:

1 . It made sure all or at least a great part of the citizenry attended the plays, thus keeping their minds off more serious matters as do cinema and television particularly in this day ; more especially keeping their minds off that most serious matter of all which is true understanding of politics ; in other words, understanding of the meaning of the essential forces that guided their existence .

2 . It assured the lessee of the Oratorium (and that politician who most promoted his interests), a certain profit .

A third purpose would also have been served, although there is absolutely no record that says so : the maintenance of an unbalanced budget and consequent stimulation of government indebtedness to private money creative power, i.e. the bankers . If the sophistication of Sales Tax was known to Periclean Athens,(12) it may safely be assumed were also known the sophisticated practices in relation to government indebtedness as practised particularly in Anglo-Saxon countries today.(13) Officially theorica was drawn from the fund for war preparedness . The only conclusion that can be drawn as to the true meaning therefore of the establishment of theorica,(14) so far as the bankers were concerned, was to further increase necessity of government borrowing in time of war, and so strengthen the hold of that so called National Debt almost certainly held by themselves.(15)

Thus the principles of the total hegemony of private money creative power were as clearly understood by its masters yesterday, as much as they are today . The limiting factors to the complete destruction with which we are now threatened as a result of the flare-up in this all consuming cancer which began about some three hundred years ago, and now rages on virtually uncontrollable, were, at that time, that kings and councils still ruled, and kings still thought of themselves as the sons of God, the saviours of their peoples . If in any way they had understood the malignance of this growth that had penetrated the sub-structure of life it would have been short shrift for its controllers . Hence the necessity for an absolute secrecy most restrictive in its effects . Clay, the material on which records were kept throughout Babylonia at least, did not have any of the potential of paper so far as went the keeping of records . Parchment and papyrus while not standing up to constant use, were becoming increasingly rare and expensive, and vellum, relatively rare, was not known until the time of Pergamum where the first books written on this material appeared in 198 B.C.(16)”

Heads up.


  1. I am weeping for the Pound.

  2. Kiss it goodbye VotR. However the Euro is toast. I'm going back to groats, and flaying alive, and hanging them high outside the Tower. The good old days can be the bad old days again.

  3. Interesting angle, Incoming.

    Will gold be outlawed as it was in America in 1933?

    We appear to have a new fiat currency - the ephemeral carbon credits system. I don't believe the warmists are done with their scam. If anything, they're regrouping for the next offensive.

  4. Fausty most "free" gold in circulation is I beleive to be found in Indian jewellry. So how do you remove religious jewellry from circulation? They'll be using a thinktank to solve that one.

    The DAVOS scam will be working on the mark two AGW attack to be sure.

    If they cut the ChiComms in on the deal on more advantageous terms then it'll be on us pronto.

    BTW Fausty your Soetoro/Kenya detractor obviously is unaware that Obama's grandpappy hung out with Maurice Strong and the Mau Mau 1952.

    Also have a good look at the law firms that Soetoro/Michelle Obama/Hillary Clinton were employed in.

    And have you sniffed around this guy? Saul Alinsky.

  5. INCOMING!!!!! Fuck me, you lost me half way through there.

  6. p.s. Is it still snowing where you are?

  7. A little dusting this morning with more on the way. Not as bad a where you are I hear.

    Just wait DL I've more incoming that will really warp reality, or what we thought of as reality.

    Any fool who thinks the blues are going to ride to our rescue ain't seen Little Big Horn. The concept of "their" philosophy of money means slavery, AGW is the same philosophy. BTW have a squeak..bollox I'm coming over to your shop.

  8. Fucking hell, INCOMING!!!!!!! The more you dig, the escaping bad smell just keeps getting worse!

  9. Spidey the stench of corruption is going to get worse as we find out more about the scams being pulled on us.


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