Friday 15 January 2010

How Much Wealth? Part 3

More glaring questions.

Ever noticed that there are always places in the world that are pure dumps. No matter what?

Why are they kept that way?

Ever noticed that there are always so many poor in the world even thought there is enough to go round and always has been, always will be?

Why are we kept that way?

Forget the Malthusians and their poverty of mind. They deliberately obscure the power of humanity. There is no limit to the abundance that we can pull forth by our wills and we do not need crypto genocide to achieve happiness.

I did wonder whether to stick this over at Dreadnought & Tuk tuk since the future will be just as weird as the past. Or to let The Stoker have his way and end it all right here and now. No it’s in the mythical, legendary past we shall dwell for the investigation of who wants the wealth and why?

Motivation. If you are a slave driving psychopath that long ago realised it might be better for the slaves to do their own driving what might you motivate them with? Could you conceive of a world without want? The psychopaths can. You cannot because you’ve been memed to respond to the call. The gold whistle calls you every day. Every minute, every minute tick of the tock to death.

Up the gold chimney.

At the base of the chimney is poverty, above whistling in the wind of death, promise.

If you can, here the call, locate and hear, you start to climb by digging for money, wealth, influence in the flue, gold.

Though you will never have any gold still you struggle upwards, weak after week. What drives the slave?

Legend and promise.

What is the legend?






Is the only thing we remember; the thirst for gold?

What did Moses find after he came down from the mount?

I love the current gold meisters that flog gold in their reports, they do us a service. They report on a crime scene.

An ancient crime scene.

Up the flue you go still seeking and finding what? Experience and then knowledge of the effluence you are caught in?

The reason there are dumps, the reason there are still poor people is that the quest for the reinterred gold needs slaves.

For ever and ever until you die. Then your stolen self will be stolen again. Never to know, never to see, never to pass on the knowledge of why we are enslaved.


  1. I was with you until you started harking back to Mithras and Nebuchadnezzar. Fwiw, I'm not going up the flue for anyone and my slogan for 2010 is ripped from the government: 'Just Say No'.

  2. GV just wait until this cames crashing back into reality over on D&TT! Long way to go though.


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