Monday, 18 January 2010

How Much Wealth? Part 4.

Two hundred years ago in the land area that is now CONUS there were perhaps 10 million people. Three thousands years ago in the land area that now constitutes the Civilisation that is Europe there were again perhaps 10 million people.

Don’t quote me on that but you get the idea of how alone we humans have been until fairly recently.

It must have been terribly lonely, Ursus. Not another light flickering anywhere save the volcanoes causing man made global worrying. When the sun went down it would have been really bleak and the likelihood of you meeting a stranger if you lived out with the towns must have been pretty remote. Even the arrival of someone else in your village must have been a monumental occasion.

And then we step back into oblivion. Back to when the megafauna disappeared.

If we are to believe the given narrative of human progress then at some point when there was less than one person per square mile of dry earth surface the driving force in human development was the capture of the load stone so that pure gold could be assayed.

Crop rotation, irrigation, fisheries, wind power and live stock were only of secondary importance. When the Watchers were watching our ancients all they saw were thinly scattered groupings of our forebears, coming together to swap females, and all the time as they eyed the livestock thinking about how to prove the gold they had was real gold.

Does not synchronise.

The gold of the calf was pulverised, atomised.

The three Hebrew priests sent into the gold vessel of Nebuchadnezzar met the son of God.

Croesus is a newcomer to this tale, the vintage we are after predates Moses.

What’s with the gold? I sense they want all the gold in one place, or through one place, again. But do they want all the gold, or just something that is within the gold? Do they want the properties that all the gold will allow them access to? Have they lost the plot?

From the earliest time royalty, differentiated though inclusive, had a common purpose and the purple and the gold. Gold for decoration, gold for art, gold for worship, gold as value, all in the temples. Did this great snort for a line of gold begin in the temples? Could be since I believe the first civic pride buildings detected in the Fertile Crescent are attached to royal/ritual activities. The temple then divorces itself, subtly, from the royal function as time passes and takes on its own independent dynamic. Over time as human numbers expand the gold drive moves from kings, to religious, to societies, secret and otherwise, to mass consumption. All driving the need to grub out the gold from the earth. Adam. Human fuel to feed the flume, and all the while from the obscuring smoke the gold and its precious cargo is scrubbed from the frantic draught of human activity.

Who populated the original temples, who were these people, where did they come from, and where are they now?

Since there weren’t many human beings in existence then the original priesthood must have been taken from the settlers pursuing raising of crops and/or animal husbandry. Correct? What about the Watchers though? And who watched the watchers?

Here’s a little something that gives cause to ponder. Remember I mentioned that those who were tasked to remember, bards, and then write, scribes, and then sing the past were not Mills & Boon scribblers, but the best of the best that these ancient societies had? They were tasked with the most important single activity that the tribe, village, people, nation undertook, its historical archive.

Have a look at this piece of Sumerian memory.


The Sumerians believed that this snippet from the family tree was way back before the megafauna died out everywhere but Africa.


  1. If we work our way backwards in time we find that each individual had two parents, four grandparents, eight great grandparents, 16 great-great grand parents, and so on. This is called exponential growth. Do the math and see where it gets you.

  2. scunnert do the math forward and there is no one there. Do the maths backwards and there is one female, and then way back beyond her one male. As always scunnert we are not to notice inconvenience to the present legend.


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