Friday 8 January 2010

Food for thought.

The Time Monks have been at it again.” .......With the caveat that the ALTA/SOTTC reports tend (by their very linguistic-dependent) nature to err on the side of grim and extreme, we nevertheless have our eyes watching for next weather systems and along with that the interesting possibilities that shutting down (even substantially delaying) Canadian and northern States grain operations would have on the global food supply.”

Eddie Murphy, Dan Akroyd and “The Body” are due for a rerun on my telly, great film.

UKplc Govt. is telling us to grow our own food.

The Dutch have been slaughtering livestock again.

All the while the MSM is stuffing us with foodie shows.

I remember the EU wine lake, the butter mountain and the grain dumps. I remember the set aside scheme and the planting of fir tress along the field edges, all at taxpayers’ expense. I remember thinking at the time that the fools who were promoting such a process had no idea just how much effort had gone into getting those fields productive. A process that only happened because of Massey Ferguson and John Deere getting the Otto cycle into farmyards.

The amount of oil required for fertiliser and drugs is absolutely astonishing. I mentioned earlier in the week that a pipeline out through Yemen is now in the offing. If no one cares if the Hormuz Strait is ashen then get digging.

If you know what a nam-shub is then we are being subjected to the visual equivalent by MSM.

Our eyes are our weak point, the path through which to destroy our minds, souls and spirits.

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