Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Refresher course.

For all of us who stare into the murk it is encouraging to get a reinforcement of our instincts unfailing virtue.

Remember there are thousands of trained MSM agents out their ready to tell us every minute of every day that we are seeing things and are delusional.

We are not, you lot are serfs, satraps and eunuchs.

I know you are gonna dig this.

This is just a mine of information and good refresher course to sharpen those truth/propaganda/lie detectors.

It just had to be 33 Conspiracy Theories didn’t it?

H/T Spooked.

Heads up.


  1. yo incoming can you help me out here with the zgr? been staring at screen all day it's not coming to me...fanks

  2. Zionistgoldreport has been vaped, and traffic is getting "heavy" here.

  3. oh i see. hmm. they stomp all over the place. just ignore them.

  4. No AP.However I will navigate my own course.


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