Wednesday 6 January 2010

Experiments in Oligarchy

I wandered over to a place that I scan from time to time to see what was new. It’s gone a bit quiet since I posted the democide numbers in the summer that the author there has prepared over many years. Last activity seems to have been a couple of months ago.

“In countries which have a history of communities of autonomous farmers, like England, Canada, the USA (at least the areas north of Maryland), and the Scandinavian countries, serfdom has been an exception.” Commented Dementio on this latest blog

This reminded me of questions raised by observers of the way everything from the Mexican border down has been a dump and everything from the Rio Grande up has been a success. I grossly oversimplify for effect.

The thesis here is that individual landowners were encouraged by the Republic (Anglo-Saxon white settlers), where as the land of the southern Americas stayed in oligarchic hands (Slave driving Mediterranean centered goons). I acknowledge that in both cases someone paid for this “success”.

The question springs into my mind, “What if this was some kind of long term experiment to see what would advance furthest in wealth, technology and a certain factor X?”

If you have measured the Marxian Engel the question about experiments isn’t so speculative. There is absolutely no evidence that we, i.e. the free, are supposed to come through these experiments as victors. The USSR was not an experiment in doing over the Russian empire; I’ve read enough to go with the angle that it was there to take over the WHOLE of Europe. Got that? That means CHEKA dragging your granny from her bed in Ullapool to be lead pilled with the rest of your non conformist family in massed graves in peat bogs.

I reckon that if it hadn’t been for Rock going rogue and various other happenstances in the late 19th/early 20th centuries that would have been the play. Listen to this short conversation between two of my all time favorites on a related matter in all this. The supply of capital from USofA to NaZoviets.

George Ure and Catherine Austin Fitts.

H/T Solari.

Did you hear that at 2:38 “…book Trading with the Enemy?”.

If you are caught reading it’s counterpart A River Runs East your career is toast.

The experiment continued again to look at what social organization could make most progress in wealth, technology and a certain factor X. It didn’t matter who won. Just so happens we appeared to.

It’s not over though.

The money as George Ure stated is returned through depressions to its rightful owners, they will then channel the resources to the next Team A. Then Team A will go up against us, TEAM B.

“Why are we not the A Team?” I hear you ask. Well we are not really liked, we are too free. We only are allowed to exist if we progress furthest in the objectives set for us. TPTB actually want Team A to win every time because Team A reflects their personalities, soulless existence and hopes.

Who’s Team A today? Well it has to be ChiComm land. That's where all the money they stole from our pension funds has been poured into. I hear you yell “What about the Mad Mullahs and radical Islam?” Well they were Team A when brought into existence to get Byzantium out of the Levant, but Team B, us, eventually kicked their ass.

No if anything soon TEAM B may have them as a constituent part, that should make you choke, you didn’t expect that did you?

All the while factor X progresses with each conflict.

What is factor X?

Well this is why I peeled off the other two blogs, because anyone whose going to come back here will need to consider the fact that X may be long lost. Everything we experience is a project to recover it. The mystery schools most likely hide the mission and the guys that tell Rock/Roth and the 300 what to do know what’s to be rebuilt over all the dead people, all the time and all the resources it takes.

The further we can look back and identify events and personalities free from the stifling censorship of Western academia the better we can see the future.

That’s why RH Charles Clark MP when UK Education Secretary stated famously that, to paraphrase, forget history. That’s why we are told the Egyptian papyri and Sumerian tablets remain undeciphered, yeah I’ll believe that. It took vast expeditions to find them and you leave them to rot?

So wakey wakey, do you want a bunch of slave driving, organ harvesting, criminal, psychopathic commie gangsters to become the next Team B?

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