Friday 31 May 2019

Farterbilker Kriminal Kabal plot in their Compound

Do you remember when Bighat Tucker would wander like a stealthy arthritic ninja outside the gates and do nothing but report like a great bloated Vidal waving Ginger Rogers as Lois Lanestylee fakeage reportage imaginatorsturbator?

Well, if that wheezercise was useless excercise decades after the Farterbilkers actually were an active front, what the hell is it today but a temple troupe ersatz time waste for Turing Fails to watch and cum all over their eunuch oil soaked fake orgasm iZones.

Any real reporters would be deep in theatre giving us the photeez from the NeuBohemia grove in Brasiliazone or the HongFarterbilker camp in Chunking, innit?

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